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Business directly attributed to digital marketing grew by 85%


Leads grew by 3.5x

About SPW Enterprise IT

For more than 20 years, SPW Enterprise has provided sustainable solutions for effective data destruction and recycling IT assets to keep data safe and secure. SPW is driven to reduce, reuse, and recycle IT waste – all across the globe.

About SPW Enterprise IT

For more than 20 years, SPW Enterprise has provided sustainable solutions for effective data destruction and recycling IT assets to keep data safe and secure. SPW is driven to reduce, reuse, and recycle IT waste – all across the globe.

The Challenges

Limited Reach & Small Deals

SPW Enterprise was seeing some success, but like many B2B companies with little knack for marketing, the majority of their leads came from connections of the leadership team. They struggled to generate any leads outside of their CEO and shareholders’ networks. On top of that, any leads they were getting were from smaller businesses, just barely affecting their bottom line.
With increased competition in the market, they needed to do something to increase brand awareness, drum up fresh leads, and land larger clients. If they couldn’t, their network would soon dry out, and SPW would be in trouble.
As we met with their team and dove into their situation, we recognised a few key areas that needed immediate improvement:

Traditional Marketing Tactics

SPW was relying on traditional lead generation tactics that just weren’t cutting it for them. Any leads they were getting were too small to work with. They needed more strategic and creative digital tactics.

Thin Site Content

Their site described what they could do for you, but not much more. Their landing pages lacked comprehension and appeal.

Minimal SEO Effort

SPW was in no way poised to rank on search engines for their services – despite a high number of monthly searches for valuable keywords they should have been ranking for.

Inefficient Sales Process

Not that SPW was inundated with leads, but their current process was inefficient and far too manual.
SPW was in dire need of a marketing partner who could help them break out of their stagnant situation, improve revenue, and take back any market share they had lost.

The Solutions

Expanding Reach Through Multiple Channels

Site-Wide Optimisation

SPW wasn’t taking advantage of the large volume of searches for IT asset solutions. We performed keyword research to identify the most valuable searches being made related to their services. We then optimised their entire site to rank for these keywords by focusing primarily on technical and on-page optimisations. We optimised site speed, site architecture, title tags, meta descriptions, H1s, other headings, body copy, internal links, and much more.

Rewrote Service Pages for Top Rankings

Not only did we implement technical and on-page SEO, but we rewrote all service page content to be more thorough and likely to rank for their target keywords. We wanted their content to wow visitors and thoroughly answer any questions they might have about the service – all while communicating why working with SPW would make their lives easier.

We transformed these pages from brief and bland descriptions of their service into comprehensive and valuable brand assets that turned strangers into leads.

Relevant Link Building for SEO

On top of optimising the site and refining service page copy, we ran a link building campaign to drive relevant and authoritative backlinks to the site. This would supplement our on-page and technical work to improve keyword rankings, drive more traffic from search engines, and acquire more leads on site.

Ran Search and Display Ads

As a part of our digital marketing strategy to drum up new leads, we rolled out search and display ads to target those searching for IT asset solutions and to introduce the brand to those who may not yet realise their need. We capitalised on a handful of affinity and retargeting audiences, driving users to a landing page carefully designed to capture leads.

Formulated a Quiz for Lead Gen Efforts

Not only was SPW struggling to generate leads, but their sales team was spending excessive amounts of time qualifying the leads they had. In order to address both problems, we came up with an unconventional idea to drive quality leads: a quiz.

We designed an interactive quiz that would assess how safely a company was being with their data. At the end of the quiz, we collected the prospect’s information in order to view the results. As a thank you, we gave away a free copy of a helpful whitepaper to establish SPW as an authority and create yet another brand connection, a win-win.

Produced High Quality Blog Content

Blog content played two key roles in SPW’s marketing campaign: it helped nurture prospects and leads through education and helped SPW rank for more keywords beyond their primary services. Every piece of content played a vital role in their buyer’s journey, and has helped sales members point leads to accurate information to help them make a decision.

Implemented and Configured HubSpot

Prior to working with Brew, the SPW sales team had loads of unorganised spreadsheets to track and follow up with leads. Now they have organised dashboards, workflows, and deal tracking to help their sales team operate more efficiently and effectively as they land bigger deals.

The Results

Multi Channel Lead Generation

Thanks to our comprehensive digital marketing campaign, leads grew for SPW by 3.5x, while their business directly attributed to digital marketing grew by 85%. They’re now landing larger deals more frequently as they grab more and more market share.

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