The HubSpot + Connectwise Connector empowers your business to retrieve maximum value from your Connectwise subscription. Once Connectwise is connected to HubSpot, you’ll trigger automated workflows that use your business’ critical information.

Business owners can use shared data for an automated workflow, as well as powerful lead scoring which help eradicate friction between marketing and sales teams. You’ll be in a position to get deeper insights on your customers and closed-loop reporting for the business.

What Can Be Connected?

Basic Connection includes

Advanced Connection includes

Why Connect HubSpot and Connectwise?

The HubSpot and Connectwise Connectors allow you to:

Improve productivity by automating all time-consuming business processes

Access all Connectwise Contacts on the HubSpot platform

Nurture and convert free-trial leads into members

Use your membership status to create smart email lists

Use attendance data and membership status to create automated workflows

Use automated workflows to welcome new members

Achieve closed-loop-reporting on your marketing expenditure

Have access to an HubSpot + SMS connector (optional)

How long does it take us to Integrate?

Depending on the business requirements, the following are the estimated timeline to integrate Connectwise to Hubspot.

Simple Integration

20 working days(estimated time required)

Advanced Integration

45 working days to 60 working days(estimated time required)

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