Actionable, Hands-on And Metric-Driven Digital Marketing Training Imparting Skills, From Us To You

Our Digital Marketing short courses are delivered through structured curriculum, developed and led by the Asia’s industry experts. Learn most effectively through live examples and hands-on implementation. As part of our courses, we also provide after-training support through meetings and live webinars.

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What Other People Have Said About Our Trainings

I love the tactical and practical wisdom in Marcus’s book. You should read this for the case studies as well. Guy Kawasaki

Former Chief Evangelist of Apple International Bestselling Author

Just an update, total sales generated so far $44,100, and I have a couple more high quality prospects to followup wit. Nicholas Foo

After the course, sales went up and our FB likes and reach have gone up very consistently by 45% through application of the different strategies. I now have a complete framework which I can follow so I will no longer be stuck with what I need to do on my social media presences everyday. Wong Yee Kang

Project Manager, The Propz Company

Before attending the course, I was spending a lot of money on ads every month. I was only getting some likes here and there but no sales.

I applied the techniques as soon as I finished the course and within 36 hrs, I got 105 leads. In total, I got 600% ROI in just couple of weeks. And my team is just starting to get in touch with these hot leads! More to come!

Hariman Kwok

Managing Director, Polliwogs Singapore

After applying just a few of the techniques from the workshop, my cost-per-sign up reduced by more than 82%. The best part is that I got these results within only 2 weeks and they are very simple and easy to apply!

Till date, I’ve generated more than $60,000 in sales”

Colin Ee

Senior Marketing Consultant, Huttons Asia

As a property developer, it is important that there is always a steady stream of leads, especially in today’s uncertain market.

Previously we didn’t know how to properly use digital to drive leads, but through working with Brew Interactive, we now have a very sustainable and consistent lead flow. Best of all, these are great quality leads and at very affordable cost-per-lead acquisition

Cass Tio

Sales Director, Hatten Group

The most important thing about Marcus’ workshop, however, is that IT WORKS! When I implemented his social media strategies and techniques into our social media platform, we saw an overall increase of about 15% in traffic and sales, and in just a couple of months! What I can say is that this workshop proves the possibility of measuring social media ROI and gaining actual profit from social media Low Kai Ling

Brand Manager, Starlight Cosmetics


Contagious Content Marketing

Develop and implement a content marketing strategy based on our unique Contagious Content framework. You’ll be learning how to write compelling copy that will get people sharing on, use a strategic framework when writing, and build a powerful brand.

Social Media Marketing

In today’s marketplace, organizations need effective, profitable social marketing strategies. You’ll learn to match markets with step-by-step strategies to profitably grow your business. You’ll also be learning how to use social media tools and platforms to design, manage, and optimize social campaigns to promote growth and position your brand.

Digital Lead Generation

Learn the right tools, strategies to set up your lead generation on auto-pilot. At the end of this course, you can not only expect to have your lead generation campaign up and running, but also to start receiving highly qualified leads.

Digital Advertising

We’ve collectively spent over US$80 million in digital advertising for our clients. No matter what industry you are in, we have the best practices and tools to get your digital campaigns scaled quickly and effectively