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Gift Market

“Company faced significant challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly due to the cancellation of events and disruptions to their revenue streams. Partnership with Brew helped us focus on the lifetime value of clients, implementing B2B marketing strategies, building better relationships with clients, and ultimately pulling through the difficult period.”

– Danny Zhang


“Brew’s attention to detail in performance maximization was crucial, especially with a smaller shop, ensuring efficacy on our marketing spend. They could manage everything independently, providing confidence and direction in achieving our growth goals.”

– Ahad

About Braces

“You guys actually did what you said you do [unlike the other people I brought on], and your manager has still been keeping a close look at our SEO performance. Because when something happened, you knew it and [came up with a solution to fix it”

– Stefan Vas

Polaris Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

“I found Brew through recommendations across multiple references. What I like about Brew is that they provide very up-to-date, personalised service, and they make sure that they work very closely with you and your company… to ensure that your company is projected in the best way possible or in the way you want to project”

– Dr Adrian Ooi


“Brew Interactive introduced us to email automation. With email automation, we were sending the right content to the right people and the conversion rates were shooting up the roof.

Marcus took time out of his busy schedule to give me a 4-hour crash course on how to operate the email marketing tool and that skill will stay with me for life.”

– Louie Lui

NUS Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy

“Brew Interactive helped us craft an overarching strategy on digital marketing. We achieved our social media KPIs and broke the 1,000-leads goal.

The best thing is that the team is very family-oriented and that collaboration contributed to our success.”

– Nigel Lian

Marco Polo and Niccolo Hotels

“Together with Brew Interactive, we launched a digital campaign called ‘Shades of Summer’. Initially, the room night goal was 6,000 room nights which would have been a significant return on the investment of USD 60,000.

That campaign drove 18,000 room nights and we yielded USD 2.35 million in sales for 17 hotels.”

– Sandy Russell


“Brew Interactive has always practiced implementing practical approaches in our techniques in HubSpot and making sure it’s applicable across the board.”

– Sean Chee


“Marcus and the team go deep into our problems and help us find opportunities. Over the last 6 months, we have seen improvements in conversions.

Our chatbot is up and running live. From the time we had our initial conversation with Marcus till the chatbot went live and we started receiving leads — the process took place within a month.”

– Gary Lau


“Within the first few months of working together with Brew Interactive, we achieved quite a drastic increase in ROAS — almost double.

Brew Interactive is easy to work with and convey information. If we need any last minute changes, they are very onboard and they bring us the sales.”

– Clara Li & Tricia Cheng

Uplifting Service

“When we started working with Brew Interactive, we took on one of the biggest marketing challenges which was making the choice to integrate two legacy websites into one. Both of them had good SEO rankings and hundreds of pages of assets.

How are you going to combine all of this and stage the go-live without dramatically losing your standing in the search engine rankings?

We needed good advice and we found it in Brew.”

– Ron Kaufman

Lorna Whiston Schools

“The team has taken time to run me through (marketing terms and acronyms) so I understand what we’re spending on.

The best thing is that now I understand why it’s working so when we’re seeing results and the very thorough analysis we get monthly from the team, I really feel that the spends are working and I can see the results happening.”

– Rachel Provest

IDEAL Systems

“The biggest thing that Brew brought to us was the education of what digital marketing could do for us and how to approach that.

The consultative nature of Brew Interactive — learning about our business and advising us on what we can do, what are the available options and how best to obtain our goals within our budget.”

– Fintan McKiernan


“Our partnership goes beyond the alliance. We rely on each other’s services without taking advantage of each other.

They have a very open mind. If there’s something they don’t specialise in, they are more than happy to collaborate with other players to make sure they deliver maximum value to the end customer.

Brew Interactive is one of our few Platinum partners in this region. This is driven by how many accounts they manage and how many returning customers they have.”

– Aaron Soh

Orion Orthopaedics

“The communication with Brew was much smoother than my last agency. The biggest value is how they would invite me to participate in the meetings, so that I have a better idea of how they think.

Brew has also helped me set up a few systems in my practice. One of them is the Hubspot system, and the other is Plato [the patient management system]. These systems have enabled me to become a lot more efficient in keeping track of appointments, inventory, how we get calls calls, and how our patients engage us in the first place.

Without a doubt, I see an increase in the number of patients that are coming through. It’s the best thing that can ever happen to us.”

– Dr. Mizan Macarian

Awards and Recommendations

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Other Client Testimonials

We hired Brew Interactive based on a contact’s recommendation. While we had conducted some online social experiments previously, Brew and their team assisted us in defining a “real” strategy and executing it amazingly well. They continuously optimized our various activities and created outstanding content/materials for our promotional efforts. We have achieved the desired results, and there is no doubt that we will hire them again in a near future!
Yoann Sapanel
Head, Health Innovation
I first got in touch with Brew through their website. Their previous works with other brands(references) and their passions/attitude for the projects gave me the reliability and make me feel confident to start with the new agency.

Throughout the last 12 months, I was very impressed with Brew’s social media content. I found them very creative and funny. Plus, their monthly reports are very detailed, unlike my previous agency. Thanks to Chantelle, Marie, Arielle, and Marcus, they are also very organized and passionate.

Plus, they pushed the brands into new areas such as getting onto relevant social media platforms like TikTok and engaging new influencers.

Overall, the increase in engagement of our DUOLAC social media accounts, and the quality of work have been fantastic. I am very happy to work with Brew.

Sarah Chung,
Marketing Manager
We engaged other agencies to support us with our lead generation efforts before. But I can feel that for Brew, you guys are more proactive in getting our feedback on a bi-weekly basis and areas to improved during our campaign.

In fact, I was very pleased with some of the value-added service that was provided giving possible solutions such as refresh and designs to renew vitality in the campaign. And also recommend new campaigns to reach out to different segments of the current audiences.

I would comment that Ariel display her capability and professionalism in handling our campaign when she give constant update & suggestions to improve our campaign bi-weekly.

As a result of Brew’s work, more leads were generated and converted to sales through this campaign.

Nicholas Yeow,
Corporate Sales Manager
I first heard about Brew through another colleague’s recommendation when I was looking for a digital agency that specialised in lead generation. After my initial meeting with Marcus, it was clear how their agency management strategy works for each client. My requirement for our first campaign together was straightforward, I just wanted to kick start a lead generation campaign in Singapore for our Electric range of machines. At the end of the campaign, Brew was able to target and narrow down the right customer type we were looking for. With the leads generated from the campaign, not only did we had quality leads, we also managed to meet with a number of these leads to discuss further potential opportunities. The Brew team were easy to work with and followed up closely with me throughout this campaign.
Mandy Tan,
Marketing Manager
We got to hear about Brew through word-of-mouth. We decided to engage Brew because of the genuine personality of the team and of what they had shown us that they had done with other companies

As compared to our previous agency, Brew is very helpful and prompt in following up with us for approval and close discussion. The social media posts are very creative too. Mae and Marcus had been very helpful and accommodating to all our request from last min posts to several changes on posts. And most importantly, we managed to increase our followers and engagement rate.

Angela Wu,
Marketing Manager
We engaged Brew’s services for creating a public awareness website, as well as a campaign for its launch. One thing that really impressed me was Marcus and team’s interest in the meaning behind our website, and their passion for the subject. We were truly grateful for the team’s quick turnaround time and professionalism, and them putting in the effort to meet our tight deadline.
Denise Balhetchet,
Head, Secretariat
I had tried a couple of other agencies [before Brew] for performance marketing purposes but was not 100% happy with their job. I felt that they lacked both the hunger, sense of urgency and quickness that I required. I had had introduction talks with Brew before and they frequently followed up while I was working with the other agencies to hear how everything was going etc. Once I decided to change setup, it was an easy choice to move over to Brew as they had shown a genuine interest in Lendela all along.

First of all, Brew was very attentive from the start and made sure to get all information needed before taking over the account. I felt that Brew wanted to learn from Lendela’s own experience within performance marketing and data collection to be able to deliver better results as soon as possible. It seemed like we were very well synced from the start in terms of how we wanted to work together and how we would prioritise things. Another thing is Brew’s availability and sense of urgency. Earlier, I had often experienced that I was more on top of the performance numbers / trends and quicker to foresee challenges than the agency itself, but Brew really showed me that they are on top of their work. It shows both in their results, their analysis and the way they are always reachable.

I think Brew’s approach from the day they took over the account helped us to reach good results much faster. The whole approach was about learning and understanding the (fairly advanced) customer acquisition funnel that we have built, to avoid unnecessary mistakes or re-do things that proved not to work before. Brew also took part in our project of building APIs with Google Ads to optimise bidding on “offline” conversion data. Finally, I have received many tips on how to navigate the Singapore advertising arena in general – everything from insights about Singapore culture and audience behaviour, to connecting me with experts within OOH media buying, designers and potential business partners.

Apart from above examples, I’d say that Brew is always prepared to walk the extra mile for a client and will also help you with stuff that isn’t necessarily in the performance marketing scope. Like I mentioned above, Brew has been giving me tips about whom to talk to or how to go about a certain marketing project in the best possible way, more than one time. There are no hidden agendas or complications when working with Brew, which makes them more of a partner than a provider, and that in turn builds a lot of trust.

Finally, since our first month with Brew, our performance marketing has grown by 45% (no. of conversions), and we have also built a healthy performance marketing foundation for further growth throughout the year.

Axel Franden,

Thanks to Brew Interactive, we understand the true value of social media. Yes, we got a lot of likes and a very high engagement rate that boosted our brand awareness in a very quantifiable method.

But the amazing team even added more value and calculated the actual Return on Investments that we received from our social media campaigns and the results were phenomenal.

Cindy Lau,
Marketing Manager

“As a property developer, it is important that there is always a steady stream of leads, especially in today’s uncertain market.

Previously we didn’t know how to properly use digital to drive leads, but through working with Brew, we now have a very sustainable and consistent lead flow. Best of all, these are great quality leads and at very affordable cost-per-lead acquisition.”

Cass Tio,
Sales Director

After working with Brew Interactive, we saw our Beauty By Nature outlets increase their footfall by 34% and sales by 23%. We highly recommend Brew Interactive to anyone!

David Leow,

I have worked with Brew Interactive and Marcus on a project under my organisation to understand better how we are doing on social media.

The team is very professional and offers many tips and techniques to apply so that we can have better engagement on our social media platforms. I am sure we are now on the right track to better engage with our fans online. Thanks, Brew Interactive.

Adrian Liew,
Director, Corporate Affairs

Before engaging Brew Interactive, our social media community had a wide audience of more than 80K fans but there was very little engagement. The community wasn’t very active in commenting or sharing our content back then. And in addition, our social media activities generated us very little leads.

We heard of Brew Interactive later on through a recommendation, and they were known for creating contagious content and most importantly, delivering measurable results. After we engaged them, the results were amazing!

The content on our social properties became much more viral, people were asking questions and sharing our content. Our engagement rate increased by over 300% and that helped to decrease our cost-per-lead acquisition to 50%. Very impressed with the results!

Sharon Ang,
Marketing Director (APAC)

PR is one of the key components in the marketing mix. With the fast growth in digital, we realized that we should not only invest in traditional PR efforts, but we should also start to engage in digital PR too.

After a few months of working with Brew Interactive on our digital PR, we have recorded a 20% lift in traffic to our site.

Gale Choong,
Head of Marketing

Brew Interactive is like a broken jackpot machine! I always thought social media was great for
awareness, but they’ve gone beyond and helped us to drive sales for one of our tourism campaigns. This was something which I didn’t know was possible, and we had more than 60 pax sign ups in total, amounting to around $200K in revenue. Simply awesome.

Ethel Yow,
Marketing Manager

Thanks to Brew Interactive, we have managed to make digital work for our school. Today, we’re getting a constant and predictable lead flow for the business, and our programme managers also know that if their leads come from Brew Interactive, there is a high chance of closing rate.

Joseph Wong,
College Director

Brew has always provided me with expert advice in helping us get more traffic into our malls. As veterans and experts in the industry, they have also supported us with a lot of our other digital marketing and communication efforts to build the Bugis+ brand.

They have been very professional and transparent in all the dealings with me and made things easy and convenient so that the transactions can be done smoothly. Brew is the team to go for, I recommend them highly.

David Gage Peh,
Senior Marcom Manager
Through the expertise and dedicated work of Brew Interactive, they’ve successfully supported us to raise our market share through digital. We are very impressed with their service, and also experienced an increase in our website traffic and direct online customers.
Adele Tan,
Sales & Marketing Manager

“We are immensely grateful for Brew Interactive’s transformative services, which have yielded remarkable results. From data driven digital advertisements to captivating content and sales enablement, their expertise and genuine passion exceeded our expectations.

Thanks to their efforts, we experienced a significant increase in leads, higher enrollment rates, improved engagement. Brew’s unwavering dedication and data-driven approach have made them an invaluable partner on our journey towards success. We wholeheartedly recommend them for exceptional marketing services.”

Riina Grohn,
Executive Director, APAC

Brew Interactive has been an invaluable partner for Snapask, demonstrating exceptional expertise in developing our persona, planning our content to nurture leads, gathering more SEO traffic, and paid media strategies. Their meticulous approach and data-driven insights have yielded remarkable outcomes for our app. We have experienced a at least a 40% increase in app downloads, improved registration rates, and enhanced organic traffic.

Kelly Chen,
Head of Singapore

Brew has helped us with lead generation and raising the overall profile of All that Jazz since the last several years. They’re an excellent team, glad we hired them. Thumbs up!

Simon Langlet,
General Manager

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