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There was a time when TikTok was only being used by dancing Gen Zers, but those days are over. TikTok is the fastest growing social network in the world, being used by a wide range of people across many demographics, occupations, and interests. TikTok’s reach is next to none.

TikTok Marketing Agency in Singapore

The time is now to begin marketing on TikTok, growing your brand, and reaching new audiences. Its algorithm is second-to-none at recommending relevant videos for users, and countless accounts have taken advantage and gotten in early. Don’t wait any longer.

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What Makes Our Agency Different?

A digital marketing agency for high growth companies

Brew Interactive is Singapore’s leading digital marketing agency for high growth companies. We’ve been around since 2009, and we take a custom approach to each and every client to ensure that our strategies meet the right unique business goals and objectives.

We don’t just execute, we come up with ideas for you

In your search for a digital partner, you would inevitably meet teams of “thinkers” and “do-ers”. We don’t believe in simply taking instructions and briefs from clients. Instead, we want to co-create the right digital strategies for your business, because no one client is ever the same.

End-to-end digital agency

Want to generate more leads? Great, we’ve got you covered. Need to increase your revenue? That’s our bread and butter! Or maybe you’re looking to boost your brand’s visibility and engagement as much as possible online? You guessed it, we can help you out there as well.

Unparalleled Marketing Expertise

We are a team made up of only experienced digital strategists because we believe your success depends on more than just a methodology. You’re looking for trusted experts with a vested interest in your success. No interns, or cheap offshore staff whatsoever.

No client is more important than you

Unlike other digital agencies, your project isn’t going to be put on a backburner because another client is “more important”. You’ll never be assigned to a B-team, because we don’t even have one.

Why Build a TikTok Presence?

TikTok is currently the sixth most widely used social platform in the world, but it continues to grow, and will likely jump into the top 3 soon. It has over 1 billion monthly active users across the globe, and it’s not slowing down. For brands looking to grow, the potential to reach new and existing audiences is massive.

Sure, when TikTok first launched in 2016, its user base was made up mostly of teens. It probably wasn’t on your list of marketing initiatives back then. But times have changed. The demographics on TikTok may still lean younger, but in Southeast Asia, almost half of all users are older than 34.

TikTok isn’t just for watching funny videos. In Singapore, 46% of users come to TikTok to discover brands and research products (data from TikTok). 38% have made purchase decisions based on TikTok ads and 31% based on recommendations or comments seen on social media (data from TikTok). TikTok is an extremely viable platform for growing brand awareness, generating leads, and nurturing prospects.

The TikTok algorithm is powered by machine learning to give users hyper-relevant videos to watch based on their history and engagement. This personalised feed pops up right when users open the app, which keeps users on the app for long periods of time. This makes it more likely users will discover new accounts they aren’t already following, making it the perfect platform for quick account growth.

How We Help Brands Build Strong TikTok Marketing Campaigns

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Audience Development

TikTok allows you to reach new people all over the world. Any successful TikTok marketing strategy begins with developing that audience. We craft buyer personas based on your ideal customer profile and work with you to identify where these prospects are on TikTok and how to reach them.

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Content Strategy

Once we’ve identified your target audience on TikTok, we begin developing a content strategy: choosing pillars to focus on, determining the types of videos we’ll create, building a content calendar, and establishing a posting schedule.

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Content and TikTok Video Development

Our creative team develops high quality, engaging TikTok videos that resonate with your audience and make your brand stand out. We utilise a wide range of in-app features and stay up to date on all the latest TikTok trends.

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Reporting, Evaluation, and Improvement

We’re constantly working to improve your campaign, reach more people, and drive more results. Our team will regularly assess and evaluate progress, and make adjustments to ensure your content is performing as well as possible.

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Community Management

As your target audience begins engaging with your content, leaving comments, and enquiring about your product or services, our team will actively engage and respond on your behalf, in your brand voice. We ensure your community is engaged and nurtured.

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TikTok Advertising to Accelerate Growth

On top of offering organic TikTok growth services, we also help clients run paid ad campaigns on TikTok, allowing you to supplement your organic efforts and accelerate your growth on the platform.

Rapid Growth → Happy Clients

“Throughout the last 12 months, I was very impressed with Brew’s social media content. I found them very creative and funny. Plus, their monthly reports are very detailed, unlike my previous agency. The increase in engagement of our social media accounts, and the quality of work have been fantastic. I am very happy to work with Brew.”

Sarah Chung,
Duolac, Marketing Managers
“As compared to our previous agency, Brew is very helpful and prompt in following up with us for approval and close discussion. Their posts and ads are very creative too. Their team has been very helpful and accommodating to all our requests from last min posts to several changes on posts. And most importantly, we managed to increase our followers and engagement rate.

Angela Wu,
Wavin, Marketing Manager

“Brew’s approach from the day they took over the account helped us to reach good results much faster. Since our first month with Brew, our performance marketing has grown by 45% (no. of conversions), and we have also built a healthy performance marketing foundation for further growth throughout the year.”

Axel Franden,
Lendela, CMO

Tiktok Marketing FAQ

Who uses TikTok?
Although TikTok used to be dominated by younger demographics, its user base is becoming much more balanced. Almost half of all users in Southeast Asia are over the age of 34.
Is TikTok an effective marketing strategy?
TikTok is one of the most effective platforms for promoting your brand today. Thanks to its machine learning based algorithm, it’s easier than ever to get your content in front of your intended audience.
How much does TikTok marketing cost?
TikTok marketing campaign costs depend on your overall engagement with Brew and where TikTok fit into your overall digital marketing strategy.
How do you grow on TikTok?
TikTok growth is all about focusing in on your target audience, creating compelling content that resonates with them, having a content strategy, and relying on data to improve your content over time.
What are the different kinds of TikTok ads?
There are a handful of different ad types available on TikTok, including TopView ads and In-Feed ads. You can also get creative with Brand Takeover Ads and Branded Hashtag challenges.
Are TikTok ads worth it?
At the moment, TikTok ads are very affordable compared to other digital (and traditional) advertising options. With the right agency managing your campaigns, there’s a really good chance you generate a favourable ROAS.

Partners & Awards

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1-Hotspot Platinum – Desk
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1-Hotspot Platinum – Mob
2-Google Partner – Mob
3-SalesForce Partner – Mob

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