Why work here?

Brew Interactive is one of Singapore’s fastest-growing (yet under the radar) small companies, and we need help. We are close to 40 people on our staff, made up of the best-in-class digital marketers, creative director, designers, SEO managers, and content producers who are all highly motivated every day. And here’s what they all had to say about what’s it like working at Brew


100% Remote

Annual raises

Learning and development

Work on multiple projects at once

Unlimited days of leave

Comprehensive medical plans (Coming soon!)

Influence clients' businesses beyond marketing

We’re hiring a few more people. Would you like to join us?

Hi – My name is Marcus Ho, and I have owned and run Brew Interactive for 13 years.

We’re in the business of providing digital marketing servvices to companies in the B2B, education, and finance sector. Our work helps our clients to either grow their businesses or impact their communication channels more effectively.

In fact, this will probably be the weirdest career page that you’ll ever come across.

I’ve been in this line of business long enough to know that most marketing agencies are operating on a broken model. If you’ve been in a marketing agency before or know someone who worked in an agency, they would tell you that the work hours

But you may be delighted to know that we’ve flipped the entire business model of an agency.

I take a lot of pride in knowing that we’re unconventional, slightly controversial, unique, and above all, useful.

For starters, we’ve become a 100% remote company. Yet, we get more sh*t done than ever before. Clients love that about us, and our people love working here because of that ability to work independently while being part of a team.

There’s no office politics bullsh*t as well. I know how toxic that can be for your well-being, and we have zero tolerance for that type of stuff.

In fact, you may be pleased to know that we sometimes fire our excessively demanding clients too. Why waste time with them when there are so many other companies out there that are deserving of the best-in-class marketing strategies and implementation efforts?

By being here, you’ll be working with colleagues who are constantly motivated to do better everyday, have a true sense of ownership and pride in their work, and don’t typically take themselves too seriously.

Come and work with us, and you’ll master everything there is about digital marketing. I’ve pasted the specific job description below to give you a clearer idea of the kind of candidates that we’re looking for.

Marcus Ho
Director Brew Interactive