To achieve a smoother sales operation, your software platforms should be set up and built to allow sharing and collaboration among your teams. This allows you to better market your business and deliver personalized marketing communication to your customers. Our HubSpot + Dynamic Connector gives you to share all essential data to achieve all this.

You’ll be able to effectively score leads and achieve an automated workflow. The shared data gives you the insights you need to reduce friction between your marketing and sales teams. You’ll be able to achieve closed-loop reporting for the business.

What Can Be Connected?

Basic Connection includes

Advanced Connection includes

Why Connect HubSpot and Dynamic?

Our HubSpot + Dynamic Connector enables you to;

Access unlimited mapping between Dynamic and HubSpot

Use Dynamic data to create smart email lists and achieve automation in HubSpot

Improve productivity and automate all mundane and time-consuming processes

Synchronize opportunities, contacts, leads, and companies using our bidirectional integration between Dynamic and HubSpot

Preserve data integrity between Dynamic and HubSpot

Use your automated marketing workflows to personalize communications

Get access to a HubSpot + SMS connector (optional)

Remit closed-loop-reporting on your Dynamic opportunities

How long does it take us to Integrate?

Depending on the business requirements, the following are the estimated timeline to integrate Dynamics to Hubspot.

Simple Integration

20 working days(estimated time required)

Advanced Integration

45 working days to 60 working days(estimated time required)

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