SEO Trends that will be Big in 2019

With more than 200 aspects in Google’s algorithm, search engine optimization is the most complex process. However, the most challenging part about SEO is its constantly changing nature and rules that you must know. As search engines endeavor to enhance the search results quality, some ranking features change while some new features get added. To aid you to stay updated and be ahead in the game, here we talk about some major trends that are receiving momentum:

The growth of SERP structures

Do you think that the #1 organic ranking is going to be the best way to find high traffic? Think one more time now. Progressively, SERP features like knowledge panels, local packs, featured snippets and others are stealing seekers’ clicks from organic listings.

Knowing only the evolution of the Google SERP is not enough, in fact, it has gone much more from here.


to something like this making you feel like you are attending a huge gala event.


What is the solution?

With constant evolution in SERP structures, it’s vital to track the website rankings in these features and focus on the features presenting your keywords and stealing traffic from your site. You can take the help of a rank tracker tool which will track all SERP features and organic results.




Well planned and structured data

A well strategized and structured data is a method of organizing HTML that uses a particular vocabulary, expressing search engines about interpreting the content and displaying it in the SERPs.


Structured data allows you to boost your search listings in many ways like rich snippets and knowledge graph panels. The rich snippets can grow CTR (click-through rate) of your listings’ by 30 percent.

As search results are becoming more assorted, one can’t overlook the chance to stand out. Actually, it’s better you get it now before a rival does.

What to do for it?

There are various formats for structured data, but most SEO experts use comprehensive guide to this tool for search engine optimization is a great place to begin. When you have used the markup, you need to track whether rich snippets are presented for your site along with the rank tracker tool.

Speed matters

It’s true that speed is a major factor in surviving on the web. It’s a ranking signal as well as a vital UX factor for your site. UX, in turn, influences positions and rankings.

But what is the correct speed? Actually, Google wishes a page to take only 3 seconds of loading time.

So what you need to do?

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First of all, go through the Google’s page speed test. It’s added into WebSite Auditor and easily accessible free of cost. You just have to start WebSite Auditor and make a project. Go to content analysis and enter the page you want to test. You will find a collection of on-page features evaluated for you. Pick technical factors and go to page speed.


Relevant content

It’s getting more difficult to persuade Google that you have good quality content on your website but in reality, you don’t, in fact, it increases your chances to get penalized. There are several methods of how Google evaluate content quality.

The solution?

In WebSite Auditor, go to the Content Analysis > TF-IDF and pick a page. This tool will allow you to access Google’s search results, scrutinize the 10 best pages with top rank and estimate a TF-IDF score for every standard implemented on each page. Finally, you’ll find a list of related terms and expressions, organized by the number of contestants that practice them.


Voice search

Are you still doubtful about voice search? You should think about this, according to Google, around 40 % adults and 55 % teenagers use voice search regularly and the ratio is growing faster than type search. Voice searches implement conversational and common sentences instead of odd query jargon.

What is the solution?

You can take the help of rank tracker in looking for the questions voice searches expected to ask. Start rank tracker, go to keyword research and click suggest keywords. Choose the common questions system in the list and insert your keyword.


A personalized SERP

Customized search results are not only based on the conventional ranking features, but also depend on the details about the user like interests, search history and their location.


Search engines including Google, Yahoo and Bing customize their search results in several ways. In 2011, a report showed that more than 50 % Google searches were being individualized; that sum has really increased since.

What do you need to do?

Don’t worry: personalization is not going to cause negative effects. When a user looks for your target keyword first time, you need to do your best to appear in top outcomes in the neutral SERP. In case the user clicks on your list, you get chances to become their favorite unit, and their following searches will most probably contain your website as the topmost result.

You must ensure that rank tracking is correct. Rank Tracker will assess your position and rankings in a neutral mode by default, thus you don’t need to arrange any additional prefs. However, if you wish to find unbiased outcomes in your browser, you must use a private or Incognito mode.

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