Video: 5 Ways to Capture More Leads for Free from your Website


You have managed to attract visitors to your website. Now the question is – how do you optimize your website to convert visitors into leads? Here are 5 ways to generate more leads from your website, free of cost –

Tip 1 – Use Time-Delay Pop Ups

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Pop ups have garnered a bad reputation because they are considered to be spammy and intrusive. However, the trick is to display the pop up at the right time. Find out the average amount of time people spend on the concerned page and have the pop up appear just before people leave your website – that way it’s more effective.

Tip 2 – Add Call-to-Actions (CTAs) to High Traffic Pages

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Identify high traffic pages on Google Analytics and strategically place call-to-action buttons such that they are clearly visible on the page, enticing visitors to click.

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Tip 3 – Review Forms and Integrate with Clearbit

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Clearbit is a marketing data engine which went integrated with your CRM can give you access to valuable data on your leads, helping you decide which leads are worth spending your time and money on.

Tip 4 – Turn Existing Blog Content into Offers

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Blog posts are integral content marketing assets but what happens when you don’t see your blog readers translating into leads?

Make blogs work for you by converting them into downloadable content offering which means that people need to provide you with their details before they can view the blog post. This gives you access to lead data, allowing you to retarget them with relevant content.

Tip 5 – Build Content Offers with Industry Influencers and Get Them to Share These

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Influencers have the power to create awareness and generate traffic. So, why not collaborate them to create content.

Start with using social media monitoring tools to identify key influencers in your industry and track trending themes. Add them to your professional network and share content that they would reshare it with their wide audience. You can also have them to write content which you can share with your network.

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