Video: 7 Ways to Acquire More Clients for Free

Let’s face it – marketing budget constraints are a reality and you can never have enough customers. Well, what if we told you that you can acquire more clients without spending a cent. Read on to know how –

Tip 1 – Understand the Customer Lifecycle Stages

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Take a moment to understand your customers and categorize them basis the lifecycle stage they are at – subscribers, leads, sales qualified leads (SQL), marketing qualified leads (MQL), evangelist and opportunities. SQLs are those who have enquired about your services by filling the contact form or calling you. MQLs refer to those who have responded to a marketing campaign of yours.

Tip 2 – Send Dedicated Emails to SQLs

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It’s a good idea to run an email campaign directed to SQLs who have not been closed or contacted in the last 30-90 days. The idea is to send them an email with informational or promotional content, in an attempt to convert them into a lead.

One important aspect here is timing which means your marketing and sales team need to be aligned. Sales Level Agreement (SLA) helps establishing that, ensuring both teams are on board and take timely action to convert leads

Tip 3 – Activate Sales Notification

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HubSpot Sales has a free tool that lets you track email activity. That means every time an SQL opens an email, you get notified on your phone which you can forward to your sales representative. This tool enables your team to place a timely call to the prospect and close deals faster, without wasting a minute.

Tip 4 – Install Live Chat

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While you can install live chats on every page, it would be more effective to install live chats on high-traffic pages only. Take a look at the top conversion paths and assess the pages they visit before they convert into a lead. You can then install live chats on those pages.

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What’s more, you can also integrate the live chat feature on your phone so you can respond to prospects on the go.

Tip 5 – Set up a Basic Lead Scoring System

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Have you often wondered how you should prioritize leads based on who to call first? Lead scoring can help you organize your efforts in engaging with prospects by assigning scores based on attributes like how they engaged with your website, what information do they provide, etc. This helps your sales team prioritize better, leading to an increase in lead conversion rate.

While assigning scores on your own is called manual lead scoring, HubSpot also offers predictive scoring wherein it assigns scores based on existing data.

Tip 6 – Create Quick BOFU Offers

pasted image 0 (5)-1The Bottom of the Funnel (BOFU) consists of prospects who have crossed the awareness stage and have shown interest in your business. So, you must create content and reach out to these ‘low hanging fruits’ and send them enticing emails or urge them to engage with the live chat to quickly convert them into customers.

Tip 7 – Retarget Current Customers

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If you thought your work ends after converting leads into customers, you are mistaken. You must make efforts to be in touch with your existing customers. A good way to do this is by sending them a Net Promoter Score survey to understand their satisfaction levels. This can be followed by retargeting customers who are happy and asking for positive testimonials that can be showcased on your website or social media platforms.

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