Facebook Marketing Guidelines for Small Businesses

Facebook is definitely one of the most powerful tools to boost traffic, drive sales, and offer a collaborative customer service platform for businesses. This most popular social media platform has a huge audience with more than one billion users every day. Whatever you are selling and whatever methods you are using, you can make your business thrive with the aid of Facebook marketing.


But you need to create a Facebook post that can catch the eyes of the visitors and convert them into leads. Here are a few Facebook advertising guidelines to aid you in business growth:

Perfect post

A Facebook post must be well-written with proper planning to get maximum likes, shares, and clicks. The post should appeal to your targeted audience, thus you should make sure that the post:

• Is reliable and has a link

• Planned and posted regularly

• Relevant to the current happenings

• Do not make it long

Making efforts and dedicating time in a well-crafted post that has precise content and great schedule will certainly give more clicks, shares, and likes.

Set up a unique business page

Remember! Your business page provides you an opportunity to encourage present and prospect followers, thus make this page exclusive and customized. Your business page should:

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• Present specialized, high-resolution profile and cover photos

• Write an attractive and informative yet short about section.

• Give a call to action like subscribe now or buy now!

You should use the pinned posts, anything like a promotional offer, top product or the best post till now. Facebook allows users to “pin” a particular post to the top of the Facebook page making it the first thing to be seen in your feed.

So now everything on Facebook post including images, engaging story, pinned post, all are at the correct places. Now you need to engage your target audience for better advertising possibilities, and with their targeted promotion drives, Facebook makes it quite easy to do the same. Facebook provides abundant ad categories to help you but the best of 2018 are considered following 3:

Video Ads

Videos play a vital role in social media advertising, and video ads provide a better understanding of your products visitors. You should keep in mind major aspects while making video ads that include content and length.

Link Ads

Link ads look like shared articles, with the extra advantage of being attachable to your landing site. These ads include an appealing visual, a short explanation about the product and service and a call to action. The whole advertisement becomes the link, the targeted location is now the follower.

Carousel Ads

This is an extensive approach to advertising allowing you to collect around ten small ads in one package demonstrating the interest of the targeted audience. Every small ad includes the potential for image or video content, and carousels past the spectator when they swipe. This is about presenting loads of information, boost communication and turn interested viewers in leads with a simple click.

The Facebook Advertising guidelines continue to develop more robust, and the flexibility found within those choices continues to influence. Facebook has a cost-effective advertising option that can be customized as per your business needs.

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