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Every marketing strategy needs a digital marketing component. It’s incredibly important for you to partner with the right agency that can bring your brand to life. In the process of choosing the right company to work with, there are a couple of questions that you will have to ask. These questions will ensure that you filter out the agencies that won’t be a good match, be it because of their way of doing things or their inability to see your vision.

Without further ado, here are six questions to ask yourself when looking for the right digital marketing agency to partner with:

What do I want to achieve with a digital marketing agency?

Prior to even searching for potential digital marketing agencies, you need to have a clear understanding of your goal. There should be three components to this: (1) your reason for hiring an agency, (2) what you want an agency to do for you, and (3) how much you want to spend. If you don’t know these three things, you won’t be able to clearly explain the goals that you want to reach with potential agencies.

What type of questions are they asking me?

You can tell a lot about a potential agency by the type of questions that they ask. Precise, detailed questions suggest that the agency is professional and knowledgeable about marketing. Shallow, vague questions suggest that the company doesn’t have a thorough understanding of digital marketing.

What is success to them?

It isn’t only important to have a good understanding of where you want to go. You need to know that your digital marketing agency wants to go too. Look into their past case studies and see the work that they have done. Ask them what success is to them. Do they want to help you reach your goals or do they only want to get the job done?

How do they measure their results?

One of the greatest things about digital marketing is that results are measurable. When meeting with potential agencies, be sure to ask how they measure their performance. How will you get to see the results? How often will they deliver data to you? You want to know that you’re getting the results that you’re paying for. Therefore, you’ll need a company that knows how they measure results.

Are they trustworthy?

During a meeting with a potential agency, it’s important for you to gauge their overall level of credibility. You may be able to pick up hints of their trustworthiness from a variety of things – their questions, the way they explain things to you, and their past work. It’s important for you to work with a company that you can trust and get along with. That way, you don’t have to worry about being in the dark when things go wrong because you know that your agency is going to keep you in the loop.

Do they walk the talk?

Take some time to look into social media accounts, websites, blogs, and other channels run by potential agencies. Look for signs that they do what they say they do. It’s easy to tell a professional company from an inexperienced one just by their digital avenues.

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Every company looking to outsource their digital marketing tasks has to spend time looking for the right agency to partner with. By asking these questions, you’ll be able to avoid companies that will just waste your time. Wondering what an amazing digital marketing agency can do for you? Get in touch with us today!

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