Orion - HubSpot Implementation + Plato Integration

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Situation & Challenges

Following residency in public hospitals, Dr. Mizan Marican made the decision to start his own private practice in Singapore. Dr Marican has a deep passion for helping people restore quality of life through his orthopaedic surgeries. Despite his passion, he was launching his business with no clientele, no website, and no marketing plan.

Our team helped him break into a difficult market with the help of a beautiful HubSpot website, highly focused SEO services, HubSpot chatbot configuration, an in-depth content strategy, and HubSpot Marketing Pro setup and implementation.

Their leads grew quickly, but after a few months they encountered a problem. Orion used Plato for current patient information and medical records, but HubSpot for marketing activities. Because being in touch with existing clients is so crucial to their success, not having these platforms synced was detrimental to their reporting, productivity, client communication, and marketing efforts.

Without these two softwares working together:

Our team couldn’t track our marketing results accurately
Neither of our teams could filter or segment contacts for marketing purposes
Orion’s team was wasting time inputting data manually

What Orion Needed

Orion needed a solution that would make their team more efficient and productive, while helping to create a delightful marketing journey. They needed a solution that would:

Sync Plato and HubSpot seamlessly*
Allow them to segment lists by patient type, injury, and procedures performed
Automate aspects of patient intake and communication
Alert them to any trends in new patients and/or injuries
Keep past clients updated on new information or data regarding their recovery or insurance

*The integration was created with patient confidentiality in mind. The sync put no sensitive data at risk.

How We Integrated Plato + HubSpot

Patient Intake + Marketing Alignment

We worked with Orion to ensure all parties were on the same page when it came to what was needed in this integration, and what specifically it would solve.

We mapped out their current processes and outlined the areas that needed improvement. We then had the marketing team outline their biggest pain points so we could all be clear on our biggest priorities.

Property Mapping and Configuration

Once all parties were on the same page, our team got to work mapping different properties and tags in Plato and ensuring they had matching destinations in HubSpot. Our integration specialist mapped out each and every data point, set up a few APIs for data retrieval, and rolled out the integration.

New Marketing Campaign Rollouts

With Plato and HubSpot synced, we were able to help Orion roll out some vital workflows, campaigns, and reports that would transform their customer experience and improve their marketing efforts:

We automated the patient intake and initial scheduling process through HubSpot workflows.
We set up automated emails for patients as they hit their one month mark following discharge to remind them to schedule a follow-up appointment.
We set up workflows for patients who were undecided on surgery to follow-up regularly and create automated follow-up tasks when these patients are engaging.
We segmented their lists into injury / surgery type for quick one-off email updates based on new research or data on the patient’s injury.
We created lists based on insurance provider to update patients on changes to their plans.
We created a centralised dashboard for their team to quickly and easily view new patient data, injury types, insurance provider breakdowns, and more.

Client’s Testimonial

Before Integration:

  1. New clients had to be added manually to both Plato and HubSpot.
  2. Because contacts couldn’t be filtered or segmented, they had to be manually pulled for different campaigns.
  3. Contacts often had inaccurate records due to manual error.
  4. Email campaigns and client updates had to be sent manually.

After Integration:

  1. New clients are automatically added to HubSpot after being set up as new patients in Plato.
  2. Segmented contact lists allow for easy one-off and automated email campaigns.
  3. Inaccurate records and mistaken emails are now extremely rare.
  4. Clients are automatically followed up with following surgery and for regular check-ups.

Improving Quality of Life in Singapore

Orion’s medical and marketing teams are more aligned than ever before, and patients are experiencing quicker and more delightful customer journeys. Admins at Orion have less manual data entry to deal with, resulting in a 35% increase in staff productivity. The team has far more time to focus on getting patients back to full health!

“In addition to our staff wasting less time on manual data entry and one-off emails, our clients are being better cared for thanks to automated follow-ups and workflows.”

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