The Most Effective PPC Spy Tools for Competitor Analysis

The success of any business is significantly influenced by PPC campaigns. A successful campaign can establish a presence in the market, thereby enabling your company to expand at a consistent rate. The sole challenge is the complexity of PPC campaigns. It is composed of thousands of distinct elements, and it is virtually impossible to determine the appropriate combination independently. However, the good news is that you can utilize PPC surveillance instruments to assist you in accomplishing your objective.

One of the most effective strategies for developing successful PPC campaigns is the Google AdWords competitor analysis. Spying on your competitor’s PPC campaigns allows you to extract the most effective components and begin developing your own.

Stay with us, and we will provide a comprehensive explanation of the operation of all systems, the tools that are recommended, and the process of extracting the appropriate essential information for your campaigns.

Five Compelling Reasons to Conduct a PPC Competitor Analysis

PPC competitor analysis enables you to observe the advertisements of your competitors and determine the strategies they employ to increase traffic, increase conversions, and establish successful PPC campaigns.

1. Locate Unknown Competitors

Currently, Google Adwords generates nearly 80% of all search and revenue in the United States, rendering it an ideal approach for obtaining critical campaign data. There is no other approach that can provide you with the same level of precision regarding your competitors’ activities.

Steps to Identify Competitors in Google AdWords:

  1. Open your AdWords account and locate the “Auction Insights” report on the dashboard.
  2. You will receive a comprehensive list of all competitors who are bidding on the same keywords as you.
  3. Concentrate on the impression share to see how you compare to your competitors.
  4. Filter and download the data to your device for analysis.
  5. Use the extracted data to enhance your ranking in future campaigns.

2. Monitor the Most Effective Keywords of Your Competitor

There are numerous PPC surveillance tools that can be employed to identify the keywords of your competitors. SEMRush and SpyFu are the most advantageous alternatives. These instruments will provide you with all the necessary information, eliminating the need to manually extract results.

Using SpyFu:

  1. Download the tool and search for the keywords you require.
  2. Use the history feature to view all of the keywords that a competitor has employed over time.
  3. Compare current PPC campaigns with previous ones to identify successful strategies.

3. Leverage the Competitor’s Innovative Concepts

If you are experiencing difficulty in formulating an effective advertising campaign, it may be beneficial to consider the ideas of your competitors to establish a solid foundation.

Benefits of Using PPC Surveillance Tools for Creativity:

  1. Save time by adapting effective competitor ideas.
  2. Review competitor advertisements to optimize your prospects of success.
  3. Use the history of their ads to understand elements that yield the most favorable outcomes.

4. Select or Develop the Ideal Landing Page

The most effective AdWords surveillance tool can assist you in observing the strategies employed by your competitors’ landing pages to maintain a competitive edge.

Using ISpionage:

  1. Observe the strategies your competitors use on their landing pages.
  2. Identify modifications and updates.
  3. Use A/B testing data to enhance your own landing pages.

5. Monitor Daily Strategies

In the current market, competition is intense. Therefore, it is advantageous to be aware of the advertisements of your competitors and the timing of their execution to gain an advantage.

Benefits of Ongoing Competitor Analysis:

  1. Stay informed about real-time modifications competitors implement.
  2. Formulate new counteroffers and plan future actions quickly.
  3. Understand market trends and anticipate competitor actions.

Inquiries to Consider When Conducting a Competitive Analysis

After gaining a more comprehensive understanding of the advertising campaigns of your competitors, it is advisable to pose a few queries to yourself.

Inquiries Regarding Advertisements Analysis

  1. What is the total quantity of advertisements that they are currently running?
  2. What is the rate at which they respond to modifications to your advertisement copy?
  3. What is the frequency with which they incorporate new advertisements into the rotation?

Inquiries Regarding Landing Page Analysis

  1. What is the number of landing page versions that your competitors employ?
  2. What types of incentives and calls to action do they employ to draw in a greater number of visitors?
  3. What is the frequency with which they incorporate new elements into their landing pages?
  4. Are their SEO initiatives current on their landing page and other website pages?

Inquiries Regarding the Analysis of Monitoring

  1. What is your competitor monitoring more closely? Ads, keywords, or clicks?
  2. What analytics instruments do they employ to extract information?

The Most Effective PPC Spy Tools

There are numerous instruments that can be employed to view competitor advertisements. Let us examine the most effective tools for surveilling your competitors and ensuring that you are always informed of the latest developments to effectively plan your future advertising campaigns.

Advertising Instruments for Search

Google Ads

GSO is an instrument that can assist in the analysis of content in Google Search. It employs an alternative methodology for keyword research.


SpyFu is one of the most effective tools available for monitoring your competitors’ advertisements.

  • Basic Plan: $39 per month
  • Professional Plan: $78 per month
  • Team Plan: $299 per month


SEMrush is an additional instrument that is extremely effective for monitoring competitors’ PPC campaigns.

  • Free trial available
  • Monthly fee: $99 to $399


Serpstat integrates organic and paid research into a single, practical report.

  • Monthly cost: $69 to $499


SERanking is a user-friendly tool for PPC monitoring.

  • Monthly fees: $31 to $151

Tools for Displaying Advertisements

Moat Advertisement Search

Moat ad search is a search engine that exclusively serves display advertising and is accessible at no cost.


WhatRunsWhere provides insights into competitors’ traffic sources and effective images.

  • Full Coverage plan: $399 per month
  • Baseline plan: $299 per month


AdBeat is ideal for determining the amount of money that other businesses allocate to various media purchasing platforms.

  • Standard Plan: $249 per month
  • Advanced Plan: $399 per month
  • Enterprise Plan: Custom pricing


MixRank helps in verifying the functionality of an application on various devices and identifying prospects.

Tools for Social Advertising

TrackMaven (Skyword)

TrackMaven is the most effective tool for ensuring your content performs as anticipated.

SimplyMeasured (Sprout Social)

SimplyMeasured is an excellent tool for monitoring PPC campaigns, focusing on organic and paid reach of Facebook pages.

  • Initial monthly fee: $500


SocialBaker is a comprehensive solution for determining the social media activities of your competitors.

  • Monthly fee: $200


AdEspresso is an automated instrument for monitoring social media advertising campaigns.

  • Prices: $49 to $259 per month

Landing Site Generator


iSpionage helps in determining the keywords that competitors employ to generate traffic.

Other Useful Tools

BuzzSumo (Content)

BuzzSumo analyzes website content and assists in enhancing your own.

  • Pro plan: $99 per month
  • Plus and Large plans: $179 and $299, respectively

BuiltWith (Technology Profile)

BuiltWith provides information regarding the technologies that your competitors employ.

  • Monthly fees: $295 to $995

Exploring and Employing Competitor Data

The tools listed above can assist you in identifying the strategies and concepts that competitors employ to enhance their PPC campaigns. Here are some steps to optimize your campaigns:

  1. Use PPC keyword surveillance tools to create a list of keywords used by competitors.
  2. Employ display surveillance tools to identify the most effective content for conversions.
  3. Compare your PPC keywords and placements with those of your competitors.
  4. Use Excel to organize and refine the data, incorporating effective components into your campaigns.

Preventing Your PPC Competitors from Monitoring Your Activities

Your competitors will employ similar strategies to monitor your activities. To impede their ability to replicate your methods:

  1. Exclude the Locations of Competitor Offices:
    • Establish a geographic exclusion for competitor office locations.
  2. Exclude IP Addresses of Competitors:
    • Use tools like Snitcher to identify competitor IP addresses and block them in AdWords.


Spying on competitors’ advertisements is essential for attaining success. This practice will provide you with a solid foundation for developing high-quality PPC campaigns, as you will not be required to begin from zero. Utilize their errors to optimize your PPC campaigns and achieve immediate improvements in conversion rates.

If you find the process overly complex, please do not hesitate to contact us. We have already assisted thousands of businesses in establishing their market presence and generating leads and revenue by utilizing the most effective SEM/PPC strategies.

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