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The marketing and sales teams are ultimately working towards one common goal. Read on to know how you can motivate the sales team to be efficient and achieve more.

The marketing and sales teams are ultimately working towards one common goal. In order to maximize growth, you need to ensure there is complete transparency, access to the same data and they are on the same page. Here are 4 ways to motivate the sales team to be efficient and achieve more –

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Tip 1 – Revenue and Forecast by Owner

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Many companies are busy tracking revenue throughout the year while forecasting is left for the end of the year or quarter. An organized approach would be to get into the practice of forecasting from day one. HubSpot allows you to track progress on its dashboard and aim for better conversion rates.

Tip 2 – Closed Revenue vs Goal

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In the same dashboard, you can track closed revenue vs the team goal, while keeping an eye on the annual revenue target tied in with incentives.

Tip 3 – Rep Leaderboard by Deals

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Sales representative leaderboards are a great way to track individual performance in real-time and identify bottlenecks in the system to be able to get them back on track. The whole idea is to foster healthy competition and a collaborative environment to motivate them to achieve better results.

Tip 4 – Time in Deal Stage by Rep

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Start with defining the sales stages in your business to see if it’s working for you. The Time in Deal Stage report will show you the amount of time deals spend in each sale stage and help you identify slow-moving ones to take action such as carrying out marketing automation campaigns to give it the required push.

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