Video: 5 Actionable Marketing Data to Boost Conversions


Marketing and data go hand in hand. The most effective way to develop marketing campaigns is by using data to study online behavior, buyer persona and other metrics that help you to know your customers better to deliver a personalized experience.

Ask a marketer what their primary goal is and they will say increasing conversion rates. There are many ways to boost conversions but how seriously do you use data analytics to meet this goal?

Let’s take a look at how you can boost conversions with 5 actionable marketing data –

Tip 1 – Contact Specific Funnel

Offer Specific

Classify your contacts based on the lifecycle stage they are at – subscribers, leads, sales qualified leads (SQL), marketing qualified leads (MQL) and customers. This will help you understand where each contact stands and accordingly deliver personalized content for each lifecycle stage.

Tip 2 – First Conversion by Source

First Conversion by Source

It’s important to know how the people you converted found out about your website. This way, you can track the list of channels that were involved in the buyer’s journey and identify which channels to focus on while investing your marketing spends.

Tip 3 – MQLs by Source

MQLs by Source

MQLs are obtained from various sources such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Display, Programmatic and more but do you know which is most effective in generating qualified leads? MQLs by Source tells you exactly that by showing you where your best MQLs are coming from.

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Tip 4 – Contacts by Persona

Contacts by Persona

Creating a persona for each of your contacts lets you understand your buyers better and get an insight into their purchasing decisions. This data can be used to improve your targeting efforts and create more segmented content to generate leads.

Tip 5 – Analyze Behaviour Flow

Do you know what path your website visitors take before they become leads? Google Analytics’ Behaviour Report can tell you the exact conversion path each of your leads took. You can then identify the top conversion paths and optimize your website by creating specific call to actions.

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