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Eyeota is an audience technology platform that enables the intelligent use of data.

Founded in 2010, the company operates in Europe, Asia, Australia, and the Americas. Eyeota works with marketers, data owners, and research companies to provide distinct, comprehensive and qualified audience data.

They are focussed on empowering companies to make smarter business decisions by helping them gain a better understanding of their customers.



Eyeota had purchased the HubSpot Marketing software but was not fully maximizing it, given that only their marketing team was using it, while their sales team was using Salesforce as a CRM. There was too much unnecessary information that was adding to the confusion and preventing the team from maximizing the tool’s potential and leveraging the data.

Apart from the overload of data, they had not even created lead nurturing journeys and established clear goals for the marketing and sales teams.


Brew Interactive was brought on board with the sole objective of helping Eyeota increase their marketing and sales productivity by streamlining the use of HubSpot.

We also established core foundations, helping their sales team engage the right kind of lead and close deals more efficiently.

The project was spread over two phases – foundation and engagement.

Phase 1: Foundation

We started by doing a clean-up and verification of their existing data. And through a major foundational exercise, we consolidated contact properties that didn’t matter, established customer lifecycle stages, set up lead scores and buyer personas.

The final aspect of this phase involved setting up workflows to automate the lead nurturing process. For instance, if an existing client downloaded a specific content offer, a task was set up for the contact owner to follow-up with them.

Phase 2: Engagement

With reporting being a critical aspect of the sales and marketing process, we decided to establish a reporting structure in the HubSpot tool.

Examples of custom reports included First Conversion by Source, MQLs by Content Offer, Original Source of Contacts and Contacts by Persona to name a few.

First Conversion by Source report

MQLs by Content Offer report

These custom reports helped them track their sales and marketing efforts, enabling them to identify gaps and make improvements to accelerate the sales pipeline.

Towards the end of our collaboration, we also held a training session for the Eyeota team to get them up to speed and ensure they’re aligned on the changes we introduced.


With the optimal use of the HubSpot tool, Eyeota was able to make better use of their time by engaging with the right kind of leads. This collaboration led to a more efficient way of working and resulted in a 55% increase in productivity.

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