HubSpot Integration: An International School in Singapore

Client Story



The client, an international school in Singapore is an authorized International Baccalaureate (IB) World School.

Spread across two campuses, it offers the Primary Years Programme (pre-kindergarten to grade 6), Middle Years Programme (Grade 7 to 10) and the Diploma Programme (pre-university course).


The client’s primary objective was to better manage the enrolment process across multiple teams.

As child enrolment is tied to the parent’s employment in Singapore, their target audience comprised of:

  • Local Parents residing in Singapore
  • Expat Parents residing in Singapore
  • Expat-to-be Parents from around the world

Students needed to be engaged directly by the school or through representatives (eg. grandparents, legal guardians, caregivers, recruiters, etc.). Moreover, the client was not just catering to residents but also those who were looking to relocate to Singapore.

Due to this, it was getting increasingly challenging to nurture and keep track of prospects.

Their internal team comprised of the following teams:





As the process was not collaborative in nature, the teams were mostly working independently.

For instance, marketing was responsible for driving marketing-related projects (events, camps, open houses, personal tours, etc.) to capture leads. The events team was in charge of organizing the events and bring marketing efforts to life.

Once a lead is captured, it was the admission team’s responsibility to engage and convert them. The technology team had to look into the entire digital ecosystem.

This is what the enrollment system looked like –

Due to this way of working, there was no alignment between the teams which impacted engagement with prospective and current customers. There was no customer segmentation done to understand which stage every lead is at.

That’s not all, their internal process was time-consuming and labor-intensive because the admission team would often end up spending time on poorly qualified leads.

Therefore, the school was looking for a solution that would refine the process while streamlining its operations to speed up enrollments and engage prospects and customers better.


After having assessed the situation, the following were suggested: a CRM platform so that all the teams could get a single view of the customer and a marketing platform to manage all marketing channels from one interface.

We decided to introduce them to the HubSpot Sales and Marketing Hub.

We also suggested integrating the CRM and marketing platform with the ERP to sync any updates across all three platforms and ensure consistency. Having all the data in one place would also make it easier to analyze patterns and make improvements.

This was the improved roadmap of the new system:

Once we got their agreement on the roadmap, we took the following steps:

  • Integrated the marketing platform and CRP to the ERP using a connector
  • Digital channels such as online chat and contact forms were set up on the marketing platform to replace the ones already set up on their website
  • Wired the enrolment form to send marketing data to the marketing platform and customer data to the ERP
  • Automated repetitive marketing tasks to save time
  • Integrated analytics data from other sources (e.g. Google Analytics) to the marketing platform to show a clearer analysis from lead acquisition to conversion

The idea behind building this improved operational process was to improve lead qualification, offer a real-time view of the enrollment pipeline, enable sharing of information within internal teams and successfully engage prospects and current customers through precise segmentation.

The teams were no longer working independently – they were invested and informed about each other’s processes.

Implementing a CRM system also improved reporting, allowing the team to spend more time doing analysis and making improvements.

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