New Trends and Ideas that will Dominate Social Media in 2019

The social media world is continuously varying, fetching new trends, concepts, and guidelines every year. It’s also a fact that in many cases, the fluctuations aren’t swift or unforeseen, but rather slow and regular. Here we are talking about some predictable trends for social media in 2019. Some of these changes have already happened and growing gradually, but not completely hyped yet. Some changes are quite bigger that will be ruling 2019.

Video content

Video content is growing its popularity and significance, and in 2019, it’s going to rule the market like never before. In reality, according to a report by experts, 80% of the content that we see on the web will soon be changed to video content.

It’s specifically accurate for live videos. Initially, it was popular only on YouTube but now the trend is taking over Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms on social media with notification when someone is going to be live.

social media 1

The reliable and brief nature of live videos makes them specifically striking and expressive to users on the social media platform. Live videos grow the perceived reliability and significance of business, of course, it’s a great trend no one can ignore.

Social monitoring

Social monitoring or listening is an activity of web crawling and social media platforms to gather all references and remarks of a certain brand or a keyword. This contains mentions on news websites, blogs, forums, untagged brand mentions on social media sites and discussions of industry keywords. At present, the major aims of social monitoring are reputation management and customer service.

social media 2

In 2019, the real trend is going to be about using social media monitoring for social selling and lead generation. Till now, only a small number of brands follow the same, yet the number is slowly growing as marketers find out that they can find individuals looking for the particular services they provide on social media.


social media 3

Social media influencers have grown as a key trend in the past few years. Today we have Twitter influencers, Instagram stars, and YouTube millionaires. They have a number of followers and their every post, tweet or vlog is immediately perceived by more individuals than any TV advertisement could imagine. Now, more and more people are realizing the power of social media.

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However, since the number of influencers on social media has risen with time, costs for their solutions have also increased. It’s driving more businesses to pick other options like micro-influencer marketing.

social media 4

Micro-influencers are present in all marketing niches as compared to major influencers. Though, they have just about 10 000 followers, but most of them are really interested in their products and services.


Real time communication is the instant effect of marketing. The trends for social media in marketing include chatbots, round the clock customer support, actual social selling, and continuous monitoring for a possible social media emergency.

The biggest reason for the same is that social media is always active where clienteles continue to use your products, purchase new products anytime and spread words about them online. Now there are several tools to find mentions of a brand in real time, chatbots to provide instant support and tools that plan content to be posted anytime.

social media 5


Seeing the huge amount of details getting submitted by users every day, it has become simple to find understandings into all types of details about the users sitting there. It has made it easier for better personalization, thus it has boosted consumer hope for the same.

Emails, products and content, all these stuff can be based on the customers’ buying record, social media posts, clicked links, and other behavior.

social media 6

More than 90 % of marketing experts believe that personalization boosts customer relationship. Consumers may be concerned about vague secrecy hazards, however they still value the recommended product they have been willing to buy.


These trends are expected to be offering more vital effect, and change social media use for the better. The year 2019 will be challenging since marketers seek to adjust, however new tools, and choices will boost the client process and offer new methods to convert and connect in real-time.

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