Social Media Trends You Must Know

Social media sites have given users the power of expressing their views on any subject and make it the most-talked-about trend. These platforms allow people to create profiles, share their views and images, express reactions through emoticons and connect with friends. There are five most common social media websites which differ by their usage level in various demographics and nations.

It’s vital for you to know these variances in acceptance of various social networks when targeting particular audiences. When comparing, it is essential to consider the active account users rather than seeing the number of accounts.

Social media popularity on a global level

Every year, ‘We Are Social’ comes up with their vast, comprehensive compilation of stats, providing great understandings of the social media world. Here are the stats of global digital report of 2018:

• There are around 4.2 billion internet users across the globe in October 2018, up 7 percent each year

• More than 3.4 billion individuals around the world used social media networks in September 2018, up 13 percent more from last year.

• Above 5.1 billion individuals are using mobile phones, up 4 percent year-on-year.


The users on social media are growing now on a faster rate, with above 320 million new people have registered in the 1-year time frame. Evolution in social media usage through smartphones takes things a step further, with nearly a million users starting to use mobile social for the first time every day over the past year.

Top social networking sites among users

The newest data from GlobalWebIndex illustrates that the regular users now spend their time of around 6 hours every day using internet-powered tools and solutions – that’s unevenly one-third of their awakening lives. The top website for statistics, Statista has issued the latest report about the top most popular social sites all over the world where Facebook top the chart.


Facebook rules with above 2 billion daily active users, it’s also useful for paid and organic campaigns with large potential access. The digital marketing professionals make successful campaigns by targeting the content to business personas. Seeing the above graph also provides an idea about the users’ inclination towards messengers helping them to connect and interact privately.

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Interaction with brands on social media sites?

It’s also important to understand the posts and activities on social media as they show your brand personality and influence users to purchase or unfollow. Social media is steadily being utilized as a customer service place where both present and potential clients expect responses in real-time and fast. Only 27% of users on social media will be driven to buy products post seeing the content shared on the company’s social pages.


The latest interaction rates in social media?

According to an analysis, conducted by TrackMaven, around 51 million posts from 40,000 different firms and more than 130 businesses know which social networks sites attain the highest engagement each follower. The outcomes illustrate that Instagram rules when it comes to communications per 1,000 followers. It is a lot better and higher than the other networking channels, displayed in the below chart only to show the variance between Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Social media influencers that encourage people to buy products and services

Earlier, social media sites were used for entertainment, fun and knowledge but now it’s considered as the most persuading eCommerce platforms. According to a report by Sprout Social, the social networking websites effect more than 74% of customers’ buying decisions.


The chart illustrates that being responsive, giving promotions and offering informative content are the significant parameters that impact the social media users to involve with the brands growing the possibilities of conversion.

Along with with these methods, sharing thought-provoking graphics, being funny and providing exclusive stuff also play essential roles in attracting new audience.


The above mentioned comprehensive information well compiled and shared by experts to aid businesses and brands design their long-standing social media marketing plans. All types of brands should know their possibility in social media promotion along with the current useful trends and their application. Therefore, information from the recent reports shared by all reliable resources has been used to create this short research information on social media sites and their effects on brands.

Staying up-to-date with these standards, the best digital marketing agencies keep on growing their online marketing practices to match the present flow of customer’s choices.

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