Academy of Human Development : Reduced cost per lead by 76%, increased the quantity of qualified leads, and significantly enhanced client satisfaction.


Founded in 1998, the Academy of Human Development (AHD) is a distinguished private education institution that provides a comprehensive suite of courses in counselling, human and social services. These offerings span from Certificate and Diploma levels to Professional Accreditations.

Additionally, AHD organises specialised workshops designed to meet the professional development needs of counsellors, teachers, social workers, and other professionals, aiming to expand their expertise and skills across various specialisations.

At a Glance

 76% reduction in cost per lead

Lead generation
 Raised the number of qualified leads

Client Satisfaction
 Improved client satisfaction


When the Academy of Human Development (AHD) reached out to Brew, their goal was to enhance their lead generation process for the diverse programs they offer, aiming for a more cost-effective strategy online. The challenges they faced included:

  • High Cost per Lead: AHD was grappling with the challenge of reducing the cost per lead for their programs, seeking to maintain it below a specific financial threshold to ensure cost-effectiveness and sustainability of their marketing efforts.
  • Difficulty in Targeting the Right Audience: There was a significant challenge in reaching and engaging the right prospects online who would be interested in their specialised courses in counselling, human, and social services.
  • Limited Online Visibility: The institution was struggling with limited online visibility, which hindered their ability to attract potential students to their wide range of certificate, diploma, and professional accreditation programs.

These challenges made it difficult for AHD to effectively generate leads for their various educational programs, impacting their ability to expand their student base and grow their educational offerings in a competitive market.

Our Approach

Launched Multi-Platform Ad Campaigns

In our strategic partnership with the Academy of Human Development (AHD), we recognized the importance of diversifying our digital marketing efforts to effectively target and engage their desired audience. To achieve this, we decided to deploy advertising campaigns across three major platforms: Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

For each platform, we implemented a rigorous process of testing and optimization, focusing on:

Audience Segmentation and Targeting: Refining our targeting strategies to ensure we were reaching the most relevant users, based on their professional interests, job titles, and online behaviours.

Creative and Messaging Optimization: Developing compelling ad creatives and tailored messaging that resonated with the specific audiences on each platform, emphasising the benefits and unique selling points of AHD’s educational offerings.

Performance Analysis and Adjustment: Continuously monitoring ad performance across all platforms to identify which were delivering the highest CTR and lowest cost per lead. This data-driven approach allowed us to allocate resources more efficiently, ensuring the highest possible return on investment for AHD.

Taking these steps would allow AHD to effectively reach different segments of their prospective student base while maximising click-through rates (CTR) and minimising the cost per lead, thus supporting their goal of reaching a larger audience while keeping costs low.

Ran Campaign on Google Ads

Leveraging Google’s extensive search network allowed us to capture the attention of potential students at the moment they were searching for relevant educational opportunities. Within this framework, we specifically focused on utilising both standard search and standard display ads to maximise reach and engagement.

Standard Search Ads: These were instrumental in directly targeting users actively searching for keywords related to counselling, human and social services, and professional development courses.

By carefully selecting and bidding on these targeted keywords, we ensured that AHD’s ads were prominently displayed at the top of Google search results. This ensured that AHD’s educational programs were among the first options seen by prospective students, directly addressing their search intent and significantly increasing the likelihood of clicks through to AHD’s website.

The precision of standard search ads allowed us to deliver highly relevant content to an audience already expressing a strong interest in advancing their education in these specific fields.

Standard Display Ads: Complementing our search ad strategy, we also utilised Google’s standard display ads to broaden AHD’s visibility across the web. These ads were displayed on a variety of websites within Google’s Display Network, which includes millions of websites, news pages, blogs, and other online destinations.


By creating visually appealing and informative display ads, we were able to catch the attention of potential students even when they were not actively searching for related courses.

This approach allowed us to build awareness and interest among a wider audience, gently nudging them towards considering AHD’s offerings as they encountered these ads during their regular online activities.

Through the combined use of standard search and display ads on Google, we created a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that not only targeted users with a high intent to enrol in relevant courses but also raised awareness and interest among a broader audience.

This dual approach ensured that AHD’s offerings were visible at multiple touchpoints along the prospective student’s online journey, from initial search to casual browsing, thereby maximising opportunities for engagement and lead generation.

Created Ads for Facebook

With its vast user base and sophisticated targeting options, Facebook provided an unparalleled platform for reaching a broad yet highly targeted audience.

To refine our targeting and increase the efficiency of our campaigns, we implemented strategies to target custom audiences and lookalike audiences on Facebook.

Targeting custom audiences involved creating ads that were specifically designed for groups of people who had already shown an interest in AHD, such as past website visitors or those who had engaged with AHD’s content on Facebook.

This approach ensured that our messaging was reaching individuals already familiar with AHD’s brand, thereby increasing the likelihood of conversion due to the pre-existing awareness and interest.

Moreover, we leveraged Facebook’s lookalike audiences feature, which allowed us to reach new people whose interests and behaviours were similar to those of AHD’s existing audience. By analysing the characteristics of AHD’s current students and engaged users, Facebook’s algorithms identified new segments with similar profiles.

By doing so, we helped AHD expand their reach while still maintaining a high level of relevance, as these new audiences were likely to have a genuine interest in AHD’s educational offerings.

We also made sure to develop bright and engaging visuals for our Facebook ads. By combining vibrant colours, eye-catching graphics, and relevant imagery, we crafted ads that stood out in the busy Facebook news feed, instantly drawing the viewer’s eye and encouraging them to engage with the content.

Each visual was carefully designed to reflect the essence of the Academy of Human Development’s courses, embodying the spirit of learning and professional growth. This approach increases the visibility of AHD’s offerings and improves engagement rates, thus raising the number and quality of leads received by AHD.

The visuals, coupled with concise, impactful messaging, effectively conveyed the value and opportunities provided by AHD’s diverse educational programs, driving interest and registrations from a wide audience of aspiring professionals.

Installed Fraud Blockers

To enhance the performance of the Academy of Human Development’s digital marketing efforts, we implemented advanced fraud blockers across their advertising campaigns.

This crucial step ensured that AHD’s advertising budget was directed towards genuine engagements, thereby increasing campaign efficiency and improving the accuracy of performance metrics.

The introduction of fraud blockers significantly boosted AHD’s return on investment by eliminating wasteful spending on ad fraud. Furthermore, it protected the company’s reputation by preventing ads from being associated with fraudulent sites or activities.

Continually Optimised Ads

To optimise the Academy of Human Development’s ad campaigns, we engaged in a focused strategy of continual ad optimization twice a week.

This approach was beneficial to AHD as it allowed Brew to:

  • Maximise Advertising Efficiency: Directed ad spend towards the most effective audiences, ensuring optimal use of budget.
  • Use Data-Driven Insights: Brew studied performance metrics to identify high-yielding audience segments, informing strategic adjustments.
  • Ensure Optimal Budget Reallocation: This measure ensured that spending was focused on ads and audiences with the highest engagement and conversion rates.
  • Continually Optimise Ad Content: Refined ad copy and visuals enhance the appeal of ads and their relevance to targeted demographics.


AHD experienced a 76% reduction in cost per lead

The campaign for the Academy of Human Development delivered solid results. We saw a 76% reduction in cost per leads (CPLs), showcasing the efficiency of our targeted advertising strategies and careful budget management.

We also increased the number of qualified leads, indicating our success in reaching the right audience and creating relevant ad content that resonated with potential students.

Most important of all was the positive feedback we received from the team at the Academy of Human Development. They informed us that there was a noticeable increase in the quality and quantity of leads received as a result of our efforts.
By prioritising these critical metrics and constantly adapting our approach based on in-depth analytics, we significantly boosted AHD’s market presence. Our focused campaign transformed AHD’s digital advertising efforts into a triumphant success, setting a new benchmark for performance and client satisfaction.

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