Unlocking Explosive Growth: Increasing Top Quality Leads by 10,950%


ZEISS Industrial Metrology specializes in CNC coordinate measuring machines and multidimensional metrology solutions. Employing 2,400 people across four countries, the company is involved in both lab and production environments, notably within the automotive industry.

Their product lineup includes various types of measuring machines and they develop key components, such as software and sensors, in-house. Recent innovations include systems for measuring extremely small parts and industrial computer tomography.

The firm also provides comprehensive customer services and online support to ensure optimal machine performance.

At a Glance

Increase leads
10,950% increase in number of leads

Helped ZEISS
Close numerous lucrative deals

Boosted email enquiries
From potential customers

Expanded ZEISS’ market presence
Across South East Asia

Received high quality leads
From Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, and Indonesia


ZEISS has stated that they have had issues with:

  • Insufficient leads
  • Low quality leads
  • Inability to target the right audience

In addition, ZEISS was also unsure of what types of ads were needed for them to reach out to their desired target audience.

Our Approach

Confronted with challenges such as insufficient leads, low-quality leads, and the inability to target the right audience, ZEISS required a strategic approach to marketing. To tackle these issues, we chose to run Google Ads campaigns, a solution tailored to meet ZEISS’ needs.

Running Google Ads Campaigns

Google Ads offers the ability to appear prominently in search results for selected high-value keywords. This feature inherently addresses the issue of insufficient leads by significantly increasing the opportunities for customer engagement and interaction, all without the need for an extended waiting period that other marketing strategies might require.

Second, Google Ads allows for meticulous keyword selection and audience targeting, providing a solution to the problem of low-quality leads.
By crafting campaigns that use highly relevant keywords and ad copies, ZEISS can attract an audience that is genuinely interested in their products or services. This means the leads generated are more likely to be qualified, setting the stage for higher conversion rates.
We also took care to make the design compelling to get the attention of readers. This was doubly important as the ads would be displayed on Youtube.

Lastly, the advanced targeting options available in Google Ads are designed to solve the problem of reaching the right audience. Through the use of demographic data, geographical targeting, and behavioral cues, we can fine-tune the campaign settings to ensure that ZEISS’s ads are shown to the most relevant and likely-to-convert audience segments.

Created a custom landing page

In addition to quality ads, it’s also essential to create a quality landing page. This serves as a welcome mat for customers to click on the ad and guides them further along the marketing funnel. The landing page we created for ZEISS has several functions. First of all, we generate awareness in the minds of visitors by highlighting the benefits of taking up ZEISS’ offer i.e. free x-ray scans.

At the same time, we also embedded a youtube video which presents content relevant to ZEISS’ target audience such as companies in the manufacturing sector and engineers looking for quality assurance solutions.

The landing page also features a call to action form which invites viewers to fill in their details. This would allow us to generate leads for ZEISS from customers looking to make use of their services.

Given the highly technical nature of ZEISS’ customer base, it was also essential to showcase the quality of equipment used to perform X-ray scans. Providing detailed information and specifications about the X-ray machines not only underscores ZEISS’s commitment to state-of-the-art technology but also builds consumer confidence.

By demonstrating transparency and expertise in this manner, potential clients are more inclined to trust the results and take advantage of the free X-ray scan offers.

Finally, we also made sure that the “Scan your workpieces for free” and “Request a free X-ray of your workpieces” are always available. Doing this makes it easier for visitors to take immediate action.


  • Paved the way for ZEISS to unlock multiple lucrative opportunities
  • Boosted email enquiries from potential customers
  • 10,950% increase in number of leads
  • Significantly increased volume of quality leads from Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand

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