Oysho: Quadrupled overall revenue, reduced conversion costs by 83%, and delivered a return on advertising spend of more than 7 times.


OYSHO is a Spanish fashion chain that was founded in 2001. It is a retailer of women’s clothing and primarily specialises in the design and production of sports and leisure wear. 

The company’s sole physical outlet is located in the Jewel Changi Airport. At the same time, OYSHO also operates an online store that ships products worldwide.

At a Glance

Lead generation
 4.5x increase in revenue

Clicks and impressions
 7.5x return on advertising spend

 83% reduction in cost per conversion


When OYSHO approached the team at Brew, they were looking to establish their presence in Singapore and increase sales. Unfortunately, the company was hindered by a number of issues:

  • Lack of brand awareness: OYSHO struggled to make potential customers aware of its brand in Singapore, lacking visibility in a market where brand recognition is crucial for success.
  • No online marketing expertise: The company faced difficulties in effectively promoting its products online due to a lack of skills and knowledge in digital marketing strategies, which are essential in today’s internet-driven shopping landscape.
  • Limited reach: OYSHO’s reach was restricted, both online and in physical retail environments, limiting its ability to engage with a broader customer base in Singapore.

All of the aforementioned factors resulted in low sales for OYSHO’s online store and physical outlet at the Jewel Changi Airport.

Our Approach

Ran Ads on Google

After our team sat down with OYSHO and analysed their situation, it was decided that the most cost-effective method of helping the company achieve their goals would be through the use of digital advertising campaigns.

A digital advertising campaign, especially on a platform like Google, is an optimal choice for OYSHO for several reasons.

First, it allows for highly targeted advertising, reaching potential customers based on their search behaviours, interests, and demographics, ensuring that the marketing efforts are directed towards the most relevant audience.

Second, digital ads on Google provide measurable outcomes, offering insights into customer engagement, click-through rates, and conversion rates, which are crucial for understanding the effectiveness of the campaign and making data-driven adjustments.

Lastly, the scalability and flexibility of digital ads mean that OYSHO can adjust their advertising spend and strategy in real-time based on performance, optimising their budget for the best possible return on investment.

This approach is particularly effective in a digitally-savvy market like Singapore, where a significant portion of shopping and brand discovery occurs online.

When we were crafting ads that were to be used on Google for OYSHO, we took several factors into account. These were:


OYSHO experienced a 4.5-fold increase in revenue

The results of Brew’s campaign were nothing short of extraordinary. OYSHO experienced a 4.5-fold increase in revenue, a testament to the effectiveness of the targeted advertising and the resonance of the ad content with the audience.

Furthermore, the campaign achieved a 7.5-fold return on advertising spend, indicating not just effective audience targeting, but also efficient use of the advertising budget.

One of the most significant achievements was the 83% reduction in cost per conversion. This reduction was achieved through continuous monitoring and optimization of the campaign, utilising data-driven insights to refine ad targeting and spending.

By focusing on these key performance indicators and consistently refining the strategy based on real-time analytics, Brew was able to dramatically enhance OYSHO’s market performance, turning their digital advertising campaign into a resounding success.

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