All That Jazz

Client Testimonial

“Brew has helped us with lead generation and raising the overall profile of All that Jazz since the last several years. They’re an excellent team, glad we hired them. Thumbs up!”
Simon Langlet
General Manager


All That Jazz Dance Academy Pte Ltd is a dance school in Singapore dedicated to providing students with a high standard of artistic dance education to inspire and foster excellence in the arts. They provide a wide variety of dance programs for all ages.

In 2022 they expanded from one centre to four throughout Singapore. As they expanded, they were having trouble bringing on new students. All That Jazz needed:

  • A more recognizable brand name throughout Singapore. They needed to clearly stand out and differentiate from competitors in order to grow.
  • Increased online visibility. When parents in Singapore start thinking about dance school, All That Jazz needed to be the first school on their minds.
  • More quality leads. They were spending on advertising, but it wasn’t nearly as efficient as it could have been.

If they couldn’t fill classes in their new centres, All That Jazz would be in a tough predicament.



Increased overall leads by 250%


Improved trial registrations by 21%


Decreased cost per lead by 62%

How We Did It

Social Media Takeover

All That Jazz needed to elevate their brand name and put their classes in front of more parents in the local area. Publishing high quality, compelling, and descriptive social media content would help put them on the map and attract the attention of their target audience.

So we took over all of All That Jazz’s social media accounts – TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook – to create and publish compelling content that resonated with prospective students’ parents, effectively showcased their class types, and highlighted the unique approach they take to dance.

We handled everything from content planning, calendar management, scripting, shooting the videos, editing, and posting. Their engagement grew across every platform as more parents became familiar with All That Jazz’s excellent dance classes.

SEO and Link Building

Another way we wanted to improve online visibility was through search engines. With lots of parents searching for local dance classes across Singapore, we knew there was a big opportunity through SEO.

Our goal was to increase the number of relevant keywords All That Jazz ranked for in the Singapore area. When a parent began their search for dance classes, we wanted All That Jazz to be at the top of every search.

Steady traffic growth from search engines + backlink growth to build authority
Ranking #1 in the local pack and top 3 in the organic rankings within months

Highly Optimized Google and Facebook Ads

To further capitalize on parents searching for classes, we rolled out a Google search campaign. But for those parents not yet in the market for dance classes, we needed to get their attention and introduce them to All That Jazz. We accomplished this through targeted Facebook Ad campaigns.

Utilizing our vast amount of advertising and audience data from running hundreds of campaigns in Singapore, we were able to optimize All That Jazz’s Google ads right away – immediately improving conversions and decreasing their cost per lead.

We were also able to improve overall engagement through eye catching creative design and strong copy that hooked our target audience.

Monthly Nurturing Email Newsletters

Our SEO and digital advertising efforts drastically increased the number of leads All That Jazz was receiving each month. In order to stay top of mind with these leads as well as current parents, we wrote and designed monthly email newsletters.

These emails nurtured prospective parents with convincing copy and up-to-date information on all available classes and camps. These newsletters helped turn many on-the-fence leads into new students.


Thanks to an increase in enrollees across all Singapore locations, All That Jazz was able to successfully expand into 4 centres. They continue to regularly fill classes at each location, and are having to continually add new classes and coaches.

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