Vin Geek : Bottling up online success for a brick-and-mortar bar and retail outlet


Vin Geek is a Singapore-based company that operates a bar and retail outlet for wine, spirits, and specialty food items. Their physical store is located in Pacific Plaza where they also have a lunch and dinner menu.

At a Glance

Click-Through Rate
 73.6% CTR for Dine-In ads, achieving 2.5x the average CTR during the Lunar New Year prep

Cost per Sales
 Significantly reduced cost per sales transaction to $75 in February, only 7.4% of the contract period average


When Vin Geek approached Lite Brew, they were seeking innovative solutions to enhance their market presence and increase foot traffic to their wine bar, all while working within a limited marketing budget.

Their primary aim was to boost online visibility and brand awareness for their curated wines and delicacies, necessitating a strategic approach to digital marketing that maximised every dollar spent.

Additionally, they sought to attract more visitors to their wine bar, requiring creative local marketing and engagement strategies that could effectively draw in the community without significant financial outlay.

Lite Brew was tasked with crafting a cost-effective marketing plan that would meet these objectives and achieve meaningful results for Vin Geek.

Our Approach

Launched Multi-Platform Ad Campaigns

For Vin Geek, Lite Brew designed and executed targeted ad campaigns with dual objectives: driving sales for their online store and improving foot traffic to their physical outlets. These campaigns were strategically timed and themed around major events and concerns to resonate deeply with the target audience.

Christmas and Lunar New Year Dine-in Campaigns

Facebook ad campaign: Facebook ads that we ran for Vin Geek during the festive seasons aimed to enhance dine-ins at their outlet by leveraging the celebration and gift-giving spirit.

Utilising visually engaging ads, we showcased Vin Geek’s curated wines and gourmet foods as ideal holiday gifts, directly appealing to the festive mood.

Through precise targeting, we reached demographics likely to seek unique dining experiences, embedding festive promotions to entice visits to Vin Geek’s wine bar.

This strategic use of targeted keywords and Facebook’s sophisticated ad targeting not only boosted Vin Geek’s online visibility but also significantly increased foot traffic to their physical location, blending digital engagement with tangible experiences at their wine bar.

Google AdWords Campaigns: Similarly, on Google AdWords, we utilised seasonal keywords related to Christmas and Lunar New Year shopping, wine gifts, and festive gatherings.

The campaigns were optimised to appear in searches for holiday wines, gift ideas, and festive dining, leading potential customers to Vin Geek’s online store and driving awareness of the wine bar as a go-to destination for holiday celebrations.

Anti-Inflation (Low Prices) Campaign

Facebook Ad Campaigns: Recognizing the growing consumer concern over inflation, we tailored a unique “Anti-Inflation” campaign, emphasising Vin Geek’s commitment to offering quality wines and delicacies at pocket-friendly prices.

Through targeted ads on Facebook, we communicated Vin Geek’s value proposition, showcasing how consumers could enjoy luxury experiences without the luxury price tag. This theme resonated particularly well with budget-conscious individuals looking to indulge in quality products during tight economic times.

Google AdWords Campaigns: On Google AdWords, the Anti-Inflation campaign focused on cost-saving keywords and phrases that potential customers might use when searching for affordable luxury wine options.

Ads emphasised Vin Geek’s competitive pricing and special offers, driving traffic to both the online store for immediate purchases and the physical outlets for those seeking an affordable luxury experience.

Across both platforms and all themes, the campaigns were carefully crafted to not only drive immediate sales and foot traffic but also to build long-term brand loyalty by aligning Vin Geek’s offerings with the values and concerns of their target audience.

Through these targeted ad campaigns, Lite Brew successfully enhanced Vin Geek’s visibility, increased engagement with their brand, and contributed to their growth objectives during key sales periods and in the face of economic challenges.

Performed Extensive Keyword Research

To maximise the impact of the ad campaigns on both Facebook and Google AdWords, we conducted extensive keyword research tailored to each of Vin Geek’s campaign themes: Christmas, Lunar New Year, and Anti-Inflation.

This involved analysing search trends, understanding the language and search behaviour of Vin Geek’s target audience, and identifying the keywords that were most likely to lead to high conversion rates.

For the festive campaigns, our research focused on holiday-specific terms, such as “Christmas wine hampers”, and “Christmas hampers”, and “Fine wines”.

Meanwhile, for Vin Geek’s anti-inflation campaign, we prioritised terms associated with discounts, deals, and affordable luxury, such as “up to 70% off Italian wines” and “70% off French and Italian wines.”

This ensured that our Google AdWords campaigns targeted individuals specifically looking for high-quality wines at reduced prices, making Vin Geek’s offerings particularly attractive amidst rising inflation.

Bottling Up Sales and Traffic for Vin Geek

The Vin Geek campaign orchestrated by Lite Brew culminated in notable successes, marking a significant milestone in the brand’s marketing efforts.

With a remarkable 3.6% Click-Through Rate (CTR) for Dine-In ads during the Lunar New Year preparations, we achieved 2.5 times the average CTR, underscoring the effectiveness of our targeted advertising strategy and the resonance of our messaging with the audience.

Additionally, we managed to significantly reduce the cost per sales transaction to $75 in February, a figure that represents only 7.4% of the average cost during the contract period.

These achievements not only demonstrate the precision and efficiency of our marketing campaigns but also reflect our commitment to delivering tangible results that drive growth and enhance profitability for Vin Geek.

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