Mr. Holmes Bakehouse : Achieved a 30% increase in Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) from Month 1 to Month 3 and reduced the cost per click to Location Map to $0.30.


Established in 2014, Mr. Holmes Bakehouse is a San Francisco-based craft bakery that specialises in the pastries known as cruffins and other baked goods. They have a total of five outlets located throughout Singapore in Pacific Plaza, the MYP Centre, Rochester, Orchard Central, and Mandai Wildlife West.

At a Glance

Return on Ad Spend
 30% increase in Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)

Cost per click
 Reduced cost per click to $0.30

Client Satisfaction
 Improved client satisfaction


When Mr. Holmes Bakehouse (MHB) approached Lite Brew, their primary goal was to expand their market reach within the high-end bakery sector, striving to achieve this with a limited budget. The challenges they faced included:

  • Narrow Target Market: MHB was operating within a very narrow niche market, targeting the high-end segment. This limited their potential customer base and made it challenging to scale their business effectively.
  • Budget Constraints: With a low budget for marketing and expansion efforts, MHB was faced with the challenge of maximising their return on investment. This required innovative and cost-effective strategies to reach their desired audience without compromising on the quality of their outreach efforts.

These issues presented significant hurdles for MHB in their pursuit to broaden their customer base and enhance their market position in the competitive bakery industry.

Our Approach

Launched Multi-Platform Ad Campaigns

In our strategic collaboration with Mr. Holmes Bakehouse (MHB), we understood the necessity of expanding our marketing approaches to effectively reach and engage with their target audience.

Consequently, we initiated targeted advertising campaigns across Google AdWords, Facebook, and TikTok. After a detailed process of research, testing, and optimization across these platforms, we came to the conclusion that ads on Google AdWords and Facebook produced the most conversions.

To that end, we advised MHB to run sales ads on Facebook and Google only. Lite Brew also introduced a number of optimisations to further improve ad conversions.

Extensive Keyword Research

Our keyword research process was exhaustive and detailed, leveraging advanced tools and analytics to uncover the terms and phrases most relevant to MHB’s target market. We focused on identifying keywords that potential customers were using in their search queries when looking for high-quality baked goods.

This step was crucial for optimising our Google AdWords campaigns, ensuring that our ads appeared in front of users with a demonstrated interest in upscale bakery items. By targeting these specific keywords, we significantly increased the relevance and effectiveness of our ads, leading to higher click-through rates and more efficient use of our advertising budget.

Highly- Detailed Audience Research

Similarly, our audience research was tailored to understand the demographics, interests, and online behaviours of MHB’s potential customers. On platforms like Facebook where user interests and engagement can be intricately mapped, we employed sophisticated segmentation and targeting strategies.

This involved analysing data on users’ online activities, preferences, and interactions with content related to the bakery industry and high-end food products. By doing so, we could craft personalised ad campaigns that resonated deeply with our target audience, enhancing the likelihood of engagement and conversion.

To effectively engage Mr. Holmes Bakehouse’s target audience on Facebook, we strategically combined sharp, compelling copy with vibrant, attractive visuals. Our approach was aimed at instantly capturing interest with copy that succinctly conveys MHB’s premium brand essence and value proposition.

Paired with visually appealing images that highlight the artisanal quality and aesthetic appeal of MHB’s baked goods, this strategy was designed to intrigue and entice potential customers.

The careful blend of engaging text and striking imagery not only distinguishes MHB’s ads from competitors but also significantly enhances ad effectiveness, encouraging higher engagement rates and fostering better conversion outcomes.

Baking up Success for Mr. Holmes Bakehouse

Lite Brew’s highly targeted approach for Mr. Holmes Bakehouse would prove to be highly beneficial for the company.

We helped them achieve a return on ad spend (ROAS) of 30%, which signifies that for every dollar spent on advertising, MHB gained $1.30 in revenue.

An ROAS of 30% is particularly commendable in the context of the high-end bakery market, where precise targeting and standout marketing efforts are crucial for cutting through the noise and reaching a discerning customer base.

It reflects the effectiveness of our meticulously crafted campaigns, demonstrating not only a positive return on MHB’s marketing investments but also showcasing our ability to drive significant business growth and brand engagement.

Furthermore, we managed to achieve a cost per click (CPC) to the Location Map of $0.30, which is 86% lower than industry benchmarks. A significantly lower CPC underscores the efficiency of our ad placements and targeting precision. And it also highlights our ability to drive substantial traffic to MHB’s physical location at a fraction of the typical cost.

This achievement further reflects the success of our marketing strategy, demonstrating our expertise in optimising ad spend to maximise business outcomes and brand visibility for MHB.

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