Baked up success for Leckerbaer by achieving a 100% increase in Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) within 3 months


Founded by Jakob and Gabi Bär Mogensen, Leckerbaer brings Copenhagen’s rich pastry tradition to Singapore.

With roots in the European Michelin-restaurant scene, they chose the historic butter cookie as their signature, inspired by New Nordic cuisine’s exploration of local flavors and quality. Today, Leckerbaer not only honors Danish pastry traditions but also showcases elegant design through its offerings.

Now, Leckerbaer proudly operates two outlets in Singapore: one nestled in the bustling Isetan Scotts and another on the vibrant Keong Saik Road. Each location serves a selection of baked goods that embody the founders’ commitment to craftsmanship, flavor, and the celebration of Danish design.

At a Glance

Return on Ad Spend
 100% increase in Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)

Client Satisfaction
 Boosted sales of a wider selection of Leckerbaer products

Client Satisfaction
 Improved client satisfaction


While Leckerbaer was looking to boost sales of their other pastries, they were held back by a number of factors. These were:

  • Limited Product Appeal: While Leckerbaer’s Smakager pastries enjoyed popularity, the broader array of their offerings struggled to attract the same level of interest. This imbalance underscored the need to elevate the market appeal of their complete product line to ensure a more uniform success rate across their offerings.
  • Marketing Budget Constraints: Operating on a tight budget posed a significant challenge for Leckerbaer in terms of marketing and promotional activities. The scarcity of funds necessitated the adoption of creative and cost-efficient marketing strategies to enhance their brand visibility and product appeal without incurring substantial expenses.

These challenges were pivotal for Leckerbaer as they strived to expand their customer base and solidify their standing in the competitive Singaporean pastry market, all while managing financial constraints and striving for a balanced product popularity.

Our Approach

Launched Multi-Platform Ad Campaigns

In our strategic partnership with Leckerbaer, we recognized the importance of diversifying our marketing strategies to successfully connect with and captivate their intended audience. We launched focused advertising campaigns on Google AdWords, Facebook, and TikTok.

Following an extensive period of research, experimentation, and refinement on these channels, it became clear that Google AdWords and Facebook advertisements yielded the highest number of conversions.

To that end, we advised Leckerbaer to run sales ads on Facebook and Google only. LiteBrew also introduced a number of optimisations to further improve ad conversions.

Extensive Keyword Research

Our keyword research process for Leckerbaer was thorough and precise, utilizing sophisticated tools and analytics to identify terms and phrases most pertinent to Leckerbaer’s target demographic. We concentrated on pinpointing keywords that prospective clients were employing in their searches for items like Danish butter cookies and mini tarts.

This phase was essential for fine-tuning our Google AdWords campaigns, guaranteeing that our advertisements were displayed to users who showed a clear interest in items like Danish butter cookies and mini tarts.

By focusing on these select keywords, we markedly enhanced the relevance and impact of our ads, resulting in improved click-through rates and a more effective allocation of our advertising budget.

Highly- Detailed Audience Research

Similarly, our audience research for Leckerbaer was specifically designed to grasp the demographics, interests, and online behaviors of their potential customers. On platforms like Facebook, where user interests and interactions are detailed, we implemented advanced segmentation and targeting techniques.

This involved analyzing data regarding users’ online activities, preferences, and engagement with content relevant to the bakery sector and items like Danish butter cookies and mini tarts. Through this approach, we were able to develop personalized ad campaigns that truly resonated with our target audience, increasing the chances of engagement and conversion.

To captivate Leckerbaer’s intended audience on Facebook, we skillfully utilized carousel ads, combining engaging, concise copy with dynamic, appealing visuals. This format allowed us to showcase a range of Leckerbaer’s delectable offerings, from Danish butter cookies to mini tarts, in a single ad unit.

Our strategy aimed to immediately grab attention with copy that effectively communicates Leckerbaer’s premium brand identity and unique selling points, alongside visually stunning images that highlight the craftsmanship and appeal of each item.

The use of carousel ads, with their mix of compelling text and eye-catching imagery, not only sets Leckerbaer’s campaigns apart from the competition but also significantly boosts ad effectiveness.

This approach leads to higher engagement rates and improved conversion results, leveraging the interactive nature of carousel ads to engage potential clients more deeply and showcase the variety and quality of Leckerbaer’s products.

Crafting Sweet Success for Leckerbaer

LiteBrew’s tailored approach for Leckerbaer resulted in remarkable achievements for the brand.

We doubled their Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), achieving a 100% increase. This means that for every dollar Leckerbaer invested in advertising, they saw a return of two dollars in revenue. This impressive ROAS boost is especially significant in the competitive pastry market, highlighting the effectiveness of our targeted campaigns and strategic marketing efforts.

Additionally, our campaigns successfully amplified sales across a broader selection of Leckerbaer’s products, moving beyond their already popular items to elevate lesser-known treats. This diversification in sales underscores the resonance of our marketing strategies with a wide range of consumers.

Client satisfaction saw notable improvement, reflecting the positive reception of our campaigns among Leckerbaer’s target audience. This increase in satisfaction is a testament to the quality and relevance of the advertisements we crafted, ensuring that they not only captured attention but also genuinely engaged customers with compelling content.

These accomplishments underscore the success of our marketing strategy, demonstrating our expertise in leveraging ad spend to not only enhance brand visibility but also significantly boost business outcomes and customer satisfaction for Leckerbaer.

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