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AntWorks is a global artificial intelligence and intelligent automation company that creates new possibilities with data through digitisation, automation, and enterprise intelligence.

Founded in Singapore in 2015, the company has rapidly increased its global presence across Australia, Canada, Dubai, France, India, Japan, Philippines, UK, and US, over the past few years.

Being the world’s only Integrated Automation Platform (IAP), AntWorks understands every data type and digitises every piece of information for a diverse range of companies.

Their impressive portfolio of products promises to enhance employee productivity and increase return on investment, with a goal to empower businesses by automating complex processes end-to-end.



B2B companies have always been puzzled about the role of social media. So was the case with AntWorks.

The Robotic Process Automation (RPA) industry is a competitive space, with clients hugely relying on analyst reports before making a decision.

Hence, AntWorks wanted to focus on building awareness and gaining credibility in the eyes of their primary audience – analysts and research companies.

While they were present on social media platforms, that was certainly not enough. They lacked the knowledge and expertise to create effective content and leverage the medium to capture interest, inform and educate their audience.

With low following and poor engagement, they realized they could not afford to oversee the importance of social media any longer.

They needed a powerful social media strategy in their marketing arsenal and that’s when Brew Interactive was approached.


In January 2019, we were brought on board to develop a robust strategy for the brand with a focus on growing their social media community and driving engagement.

We spent a considerable amount of time understanding AntWorks, their products, target audience and analyzed their social media efforts to understand where the gaps were. We also did a competitor analysis to assess what they were doing differently.

AntWorks’ target audience mainly comprise of CIOs, COOs, CTOs and analysts from a diverse range of industries such as banking, financial services, accounting, IT, and management consulting among others.

We defined strong buyer personas for their main customer segments and derived insights on the user journeys. We then decided to focus on the two prime channels where AntWorks’ target audience was – LinkedIn and Twitter.

1. Devised and Implemented a Compelling Content Strategy

Being a B2B tech company, the key challenge was creating content that wasn’t too dry or complicated. It had to be engaging in order to appeal to their potential audience, increase awareness and tap into relevant conversations on social media.

It all boiled down to – how do we educate prospects about AntWorks’ products and show what sets them apart from their competitors, without boring the audience?

That’s when we decided to go beyond posting static content and introduced unorthodox, dynamic content to capture people’s attention and convey the message in an interesting manner.

Owing to our intricate content creation process, we were successful in what we set out to achieve. Our content strategists conceptualized the kind of content we should create, in line with AntWorks’ goals and user needs.

Once the content plan was locked down, we assigned it to our animators and illustrators who brought those ideas to life.

We posted eye-catching visuals, GIFs and mini-videos with energetic audio clips to share what AntWorks is about and the products it offers.

2. Conceptualized and Amplified the ANTstein SQUARE Campaign

In May 2019, AntWorks launched the industry’s first full-stack integrated automation platform – ANTstein SQUARE. This solution aims to equip enterprises with accurate insights and superior analytics powered by
machine learning and AI algorithms.

This was a huge announcement and we had to ensure it reached AntWorks’ clients, prospects and particularly analysts.

In order to create awareness and make noise about this product, Brew Interactive in partnership with the
AntWorks team conceptualized a guerilla marketing campaign – #ANTsteinSQUARE.

They placed cubes that read ‘ANTstein SQUARE’ across prime locations that had the name ‘square’ in them such as Leicester Square and Sloane Square in London, Times Square in New York, Scotts Square in Singapore and so on.

To amplify #ANTsteinSQUARE on social media, we posted pictures of the various installations with the
AntWorks team and coupled them with contextual, witty captions to spark engagement and capture attention.

These posts were well-received as they were relatable and showed the brand in a fun and cheeky light.

3. Created and Promoted the IDP Playbook, in Partnership with Everest Group

B2B buying cycles are longer and not as linear as in the case of B2C. From the time taken to evaluate and assess options to the various number of people involved in the decision-making process – selling to a B2B buyer is challenging and certainly takes time.

Instead of posting ‘salesy’ content and expecting them to yield quick results, what’s important is identifying pain points, understanding audience needs, and creating content to educate prospects.

We acknowledged that and focussed our efforts on creating content that positioned AntWorks to be the experts in the field.

AntWorks partnered with research firm Everest Group and sponsored the Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) Playbook.

This whitepaper served as a comprehensive guide on Robotic Process Automation (RPA). It demonstrated how enterprises can plan and sustain multi-year automation programs, along with sharing best practices, industry trends and case studies to take insights from.

An optimized landing page was created to acquire leads by encouraging prospects to download the IDP Playbook.

We ran an ad campaign on LinkedIn and Twitter to promote this landing page and boost lead generation. Taking a cue from past wins, we created video ads as they garner more attention and engagement.

Apart from running paid campaigns, we also engaged with industry influencers (such as research companies and analysts) on social media to create buzz, encouraging them to create awareness about the IDP Playbook among their followers.


With a focussed social media strategy centered around producing value-driven content in an engaging manner, we managed to capture their target audience’s interest and drive engagements.

This was reflected in the 106% increase in followers in just a span of 5 months. Their Twitter and LinkedIn channels started clocking an average of 18% growth in followers per month as opposed to 2%.

Not just that, as true partners, we also promoted their campaigns effectively, helping them create awareness and acquire leads, with a 25% decrease in cost per lead acquisition.

From treating social media as an afterthought to actively leveraging it to reach prospects – Brew Interactive was successful in helping AntWorks make that crucial transition.

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