Australian International School Singapore:
Increased leads by more than 500% while reducing cost-per-leads by 82%


The Australian International School or AIS is a prestigious school in Singapore that provides early, elementary, and secondary education to students. Alongside this, AIS also offers infant care services.

AIS operates in a highly competitive education sector as Singapore is renowned for its emphasis on education, with several local and international institutions vying for the attention of parents and students.

At a Glance

Lead generation
 Increase in leads generated over a period of 1 year

Organic Traffic
 20% reduction in cost per clicks

Google Ads
 More than 50% increase in organic traffic to AIS’ website

Sign up rates
 Obtained more than 970 leads from Google Ads

 82% reduction in cost-per-lead


While AIS was looking to break new ground with their offerings, the school was held back by a number of factors. These were:

  • Insufficient Leads: In such a saturated market, AIS struggled to generate enough interest or inquiries about their offerings.
  • Low-Quality Leads: Even when leads were obtained, they often weren’t the right fit, meaning they might not have been genuinely interested families or those who saw value in AIS’s offerings.
  • Ad Visuals and Messaging Fatigue: Their existing promotional materials and visuals had become stale, which could lead to diminished interest from potential students and their parents.
  • Need for Fresh Campaigns: To remain relevant and appealing, there was an urgent requirement for innovative advertising campaigns that could resonate with their target audience.

Our Approach

1. Revamped AIS’ Web Headers

Properly structured HTML headers guide search engines in understanding the content hierarchy, while optimised metadata provides concise information about the page’s content.

Together, these elements contribute to a more accurate indexing by search engines, leading to improved visibility and higher rankings in search results.

Before we implemented our fixes, AIS’ HTML headers did not incorporate relevant keywords such as “international school”, “Australian International School”, or “international schools”.

HTML headers are important for SEO as they establish the content hierarchy, helping search engines understand the structure and relevance of a webpage’s content. Incorporating keywords into headers emphasises their significance, aiding in better ranking for those terms.

Headers also enhance user experience by making content more navigable, indirectly influencing SEO through improved user metrics.

2. Updated AIS’ Web Content

Optimised web content paired with strategically implemented SEO keywords ensures a website speaks the language of both its audience and search engines. The combination creates a seamless bridge that leads to better search rankings and enhanced user experience.

Before our intervention, the Australian International School (AIS) website content lacked the finesse needed for optimum SEO. Crucial terms like “international school” and “Australian curriculum” were missing or underutilised.

Web content is the backbone of online representation for any institution. For educational bodies like AIS, it’s essential to articulate the quality and uniqueness of their offerings. Integrating SEO keywords into the content not only amplifies visibility but also reaffirms the institution’s relevance to its audience.

Moreover, well-structured content offers users clarity, keeping them engaged longer. This improved user experience indirectly boosts SEO by favourably impacting metrics like bounce rate and time spent on the site.

3. Ran Facebook Ads

AIS needed to reach out to more parents within Singapore while showcasing the school’s unique range of offerings. 

However, for parents not yet in the market for an international school, we needed to first get their attention and reach out to them. We did this by running targeted Facebook ad campaigns which we then continually optimised to get the best results possible.

In addition, we also created top quality visuals and copy which would be used in the Facebook ads. These ad collaterals were meticulously crafted, keeping in mind the values and advantages that AIS offers. 

By emphasising the distinct benefits and integrating them seamlessly into the visuals and text, we ensured that the message resonated deeply with the target audience, offering a compelling reason for parents to consider AIS for their children’s education.

At Brew, we understand the importance of guiding potential customers through every stage of the marketing funnel. 

For the AIS campaign, our Facebook ads were strategically designed to target customers at three distinct stages: TOFU (Top of the Funnel), MOFU (Middle of the Funnel), and BOFU (Bottom of the Funnel). 

In the TOFU stage, our ads focused on brand awareness, introducing parents to AIS and its ethos. 

For MOFU, we delved deeper, showcasing specific programs and unique offerings, nudging parents who were considering international schooling options. 

Finally, in the BOFU stage, our ads presented strong calls to action and testimonials, targeting parents ready to make a decision, ensuring AIS stood out as the premier choice.

This tiered approach ensured we reached parents at every decision-making phase, maximising engagement and conversions.

To help AIS boost their enrollment numbers, we also ran targeted Facebook ad campaigns for their open house event. The use of attractive visuals plus quality copy hooked our target audience.

4. Ran Google Ads

To help AIS reach out to parents searching for international schools in Singapore, we planned and executed a Google ad campaign.

We made use of our vast amount of advertising and audience data from running hundreds of campaigns in Singapore, to optimise AIS’ Google ads right away – immediately improving conversions and decreasing their cost per lead.

5. SEO and Link Building

Another way for us to improve AIS’ online visibility was through search engines. With lots of parents searching for international schools across Singapore, we knew there was a big opportunity through SEO.

Our goal was to increase the number of relevant keywords AIS ranked for in the Singapore area. When a parent began their search for international schools, we wanted AIS to be at the top of every search.

Through our work, we helped the school rank on the first page of Google SERP for keywords like: “international school”, “international school Singapore”, “Australia school”, and “AIS”.


  • +540% increase in leads generated
  • +50% increase in organic traffic
  • +80% reduction in cost-per-lead (CPLs)
  • +970 leads from Google Ads
  • +15% increase in sign up rates for Open House events

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