13 Vital B2B Sales Tools Your Team Should Be Using Now

No business can survive without selling its products and acquiring loyal customers.

As you’re striving to improve your products, you will also need to find creative ways to sell them. 

This is where B2B sales tools come in. With these tools, you can improve your sales results while doing less work.

B2B sales tools can help your sales team effectively execute tasks such as lead qualification, sales prospecting, lead nurturing, account-based marketing, and more.

Having said that, what are the vital B2B sales tools your team should be using, and how can they help your business? Here are 13 essential tools to help you close more deals.

1. Salesforce

Apart from being one of the pioneer CRM tools, Salesforce is also one of the best. First, Salesforce allows you to save your contacts’ information from your marketing data and track your interactions with them.

The contact overview improves collaboration between sales and marketing departments. Furthermore, your sales team can see a contact’s status in the sales funnel and execute personalized tasks to close those contacts.

Salesforce dashboard. Source: Capterra

Beyond these, Salesforce provides customer contract management features to help define terms and conditions in contracts and ensure customers comply with them. Sales reps will also easily create quotes and process orders by assigning them to the relevant departments.

Salesforce provides detailed information about your leads and allows you to manage your pipeline and opportunities to close more deals.

2. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

If you’re trying to sell B2B products on social media, then LinkedIn is a platform you need.

However, how do you obtain information about your potential customers on LinkedIn? This is where LinkedIn sales navigator can improve your sales process.

For instance, the advanced lead and company search provides the functionality to find up to 1,000 prospects according to your search criteria. Moreso, you can add filters such as company size, seniority, years of experience, and more to discover the best prospects for your business.

Lead lists in Sales Navigator. Source: LinkedIn Sales Navigator

The “Who’s Viewed Your Profile” feature will help identify possible prospects who have checked out your profile. Some of them will be leads you can contact in the future.

Apart from that, this tool recommends leads based on your sales preferences and your past profile interactions. You’ll also find integrations with your CRM systems handy as they allow you to move information from LinkedIn Sales Navigator to your CRM and vice versa.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator helps you find the best leads among the millions of professionals on the social media network.

3. Crystal

In the process of acquiring leads and converting them to customers, communication plays a vital role. Fortunately, Crystal allows you to personalize your communications with customers and prospects according to their unique personalities.

With Crystal’s Chrome extension, you can identify a prospect’s personality on their social media profile. This analysis will inform how you approach such a prospect and what offers will be attractive to them.

Prospect’s personality analysis. Source: Crystal

Beyond that, Crystal provides recommendations based on a prospect’s personality when you want to send emails or get on a sales call. Crystal encourages better personalization in your communications to help close deals more effectively.

4. HubSpot

HubSpot is a robust software that contains marketing, sales, and CRM tools. To improve sales with HubSpot, you can identify companies to reach out to based on their activity on your website.

Beyond the companies, you’ll see the employees visiting and the pages they’re looking at. While reaching out to your leads, you can create automated sequences that send emails or remind you to make a call when your lead has triggered the sequence.

HubSpot website activity stream. Source: HubSpot

After reaching out to your leads, you might need a meeting to close them. HubSpot Sales connects to your calendar, which allows you to set up your meetings and alert prospects. 

If you want to see your recent activities on leads, the activity provides details about this. As a result, you can use the information to inform the next step to close your deal. HubSpot provides sales tools along with a CRM system to help identify the best leads and connect with them to convert them.

5. Saleswhale

How much time do you waste on leads that ultimately fail to convert? Saleswhale is an AI assistant that engages and qualifies leads at scale.

After personalizing your AI bot, it will engage in conversations with your leads to determine if they’re qualified enough for your sales team to work on. Once Saleswhale identifies a lead as a hot lead, it transfers the lead to your sales rep for follow-up.

Saleswhale lead qualification sequence. Source: Saleswhale

Even at that, Saleswhale continues to follow up on these leads by sending reminders to your sales team. Furthermore, this tool improves collaboration between marketing and sales departments. 

Saleswhale tracks sales reps’ activities to show how effective they’re converting your hot leads. This tool eliminates wasted time on leads and helps move your deals forward faster.

6. Mixpanel

Having the right numbers about your sales process can lift your sales number. And this is what you get from Mixpanel

Mixpanel provides analytics about how users navigate your website and apps. From these numbers, you can gain insights into which parts of your products are popular, your power users, and user behavior that leads to long-term retention. 

Website power users on Mixpanel. Source: Mixpanel

Beyond that, you can see a behavior flow of users of your products or website. Do they drop off more on some pages? Do users spend more time on a page? 

Apart from individual analytics, you can see group analytics based on your metric. This could be based on account, device, and others. With Mixpanel, you’ll understand why some users are retained and while some are at risk of churn. 

7. Highspot

Considering how important content is to sales, you’ll find Highspot vital. This sales enablement tool uses AI to manage content at different stages of the sales process.

Highspot recommends pieces of content that are likely to resonate with a particular prospect. With support for over 40 content types, you’ll be able to use most content types for your website, emails, and social media posts. 

Highspot customer engagement reports. Source: Highspot

Furthermore, the tool guides and coaches sales reps about what to do in different parts of the sales funnel. Beyond that, Highspot analytics provides insights into the pieces of content your sales team uses and how each piece of content contributes to your sales.

If you run a content marketing agency, this is a tool that will help you get the best results for your clients and your agency.

8. Pardot

With a massive range of features, Pardot is one of the best B2B marketing automation tools you’ll find in the market today. You can create email sequences that prospects can trigger through specified actions.

Also, Pardot qualifies leads due to your interactions with them and shows leads likely to convert to customers. Another vital aspect of Pardot is its integration with Salesforce account-based marketing (ABM).

Pardot prospect engagement sequence. Source: PCMag

This feature uses your marketing data to identify target accounts and personalize marketing campaigns to the account’s decision-maker. Pardot also provides features such as A/B testing and dynamic content generation to improve your sales results.

Even though Salesforce is on the expensive side, it offers many features and an easy-to-use interface. 

9. Clari

Due to different marketing forces at different times, it can be difficult to predict your business revenue. Luckily, Clari uses artificial intelligence combined with your marketing and past revenue data from different sources to make sales forecasts for a particular period.

Apart from general sales forecasts, Clari can also create forecasts for each region, channel, product line, or even sales rep. Furthermore, you can manage your pipeline so that you’ll see how your transactions are playing out.

Clari revenue forecasts. Source: Clari

With pipeline management, you’ll see where you need to make changes so that you can achieve your sales forecasts. Moreso, Clari provides opportunity scores for your contacts based on how likely they’ll buy.

With revenue intelligence, sales reps can see their sales and marketing activities associated with each deal.

10. Autoklose

Autoklose is a sales engagement platform that offers email automation and B2B data to close deals faster. Using the tool’s huge database, you can acquire B2B leads in various industries and use other filters to streamline your leads.

After acquiring leads, the next step is to engage them with personalized email sequences. Of course, you can also use subscribers lists that you already have. 

Autoklose email sequence setup. Source: Autoklose

Autoklose has campaign templates that you can edit to fit your needs. To prevent email bounce, Autoklose automatically verifies your subscribers’ email addresses and removes the bad emails.

With the real-time reporting feature, you can track your email marketing KPIs such as opens, clicks, replies, bounces, and more. Finally, you can integrate Autoklose with your CRM system and other tools to expand its capabilities.

11. Reply

Reply is a sales engagement platform that helps you run the best email marketing campaigns to close more deals. With its Chrome extension, you can find business emails on LinkedIn and add them to sequences.

Apart from LinkedIn, you can use Reply’s validated partner services to find more quality prospects. After this step, you can reach out to your prospects on various channels such as LinkedIn, emails, calls, video calls, and more.

Reply’s lead filter. Source: Reply

Likewise, you have the ability to create sequences and carry out A/B testing to improve conversions. Reply provides robust contact management that shows you your recent activities on a contact. Moreso, you can segment your contacts based on different criteria.

Reply lets you collaborate effectively with your team members during campaigns to improve the chances of success. Finally, Reply’s reports and analytics provides insights into how your sequences and teams are performing.

12. Upland Altify

Upland Altify is an augmented intelligent customer revenue optimization solution that guides your sellers on what to do at different stages of the sales process. Altify integrates with Salesforce CRM and helps you improve your sales performance.

On Altify, you’ll have access to the sales process manager, opportunity manager, and account manager. With the opportunity manager, you can better qualify leads so that you’ll work on those likely to become customers.

Upland Altify account manager. Source: Upland Altify

The sales process manager guides your sales team to follow a structured process that will improve their chances of converting prospects. Furthermore, sales reps can see an overview of the sales pipeline and deals. This helps to identify risks to sales and eliminate them. 

Likewise, you can see an overview of your accounts and understand prospects’ motivations to use your product.

13. SalesLoft

Building a better engagement and relationship with your customers is key to increasing revenue. SalesLoft provides tools that can help your sales team achieve these goals.

To make the sales process faster, SalesLoft automatically assigns leads to sales reps. Furthermore, your team can personalize sales email and other communication channels to connect better with your prospects and customers.

Salesloft activity report. Source: SalesLoft

Likewise, SalesLoft alerts sales reps of engaged contacts so that you can take the communication further down the sales funnel. SalesLoft allows you to generate sales pipelines with effective prospecting. Moreso, you can manage deals and find opportunities to convert prospects to customers.

SalesLoft integrates with email marketing and CRM tools to extend its communication capabilities.


To run a successful business, you need to make sales and a lot of them. But the process of making sales is so complex that it’s easy to miss out on qualified leads and customers.

These 13 B2B sales tools help you and your sales team improve various aspects of the sales process to improve sales, revenue, and profits. 

Do you know any great B2B sales tool that’s missing from this list? Let us know by emailing into editor[@]brewinteractive.com

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