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“Brew has always provided me with expert advice in helping us get more traffic into our malls. As veterans and experts in the industry, they have also supported us with a lot of our other digital marketing and communication efforts to build the Bugis+ brand.

They have been very professional and transparent in all the dealings with me and made things easy and convenient so that the transactions can be done smoothly. Brew is the team to go for, I recommend them highly.”

David Gage Peh,

Senior Marcom Manager



Bugis+ is a 10-story shopping mall located in the Bugis district of Singapore. A vibrant mall with endless entertainment, dining and fashion options, Bugis+ is known to be a modern and dynamic shopping destination.



Like every other mall, even Bugis+’s biggest concern was driving footfall. They wanted to leverage social media to reach their audience, build awareness and promote their mall.

As their in-house team was not well-versed with social media marketing, they decided to get the experts on board – Brew Interactive.


Our collaboration with Bugis+ began a few years ago We were asked to devise a social media strategy, strategize social media content ideas and run campaigns to boost reach and engagement.

We worked on a social media content calendar in line with their business objectives. The idea was to create interesting and engaging content that would be relevant to their target audience.

Apart from promoting their stores, restaurants, and offers, we ran social media contests and amplified the in-mall activities and events they carried out.


Our improved social media strategy turned out to be successful. In a short span of 2 years, we helped them attain 25,000 new organic fans and achieve a 620% increase in engagement rate.

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