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Enovatek Energy Solutions is a leader in the energy efficiency tech industry that offers practical, energy-saving solutions for businesses across Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and the Philippines. The company aims to reduce the carbon footprint from industries through its range of energy-saving products such as solar air conditioners, LED lights, solar power generators, and wind turbines.


Enovatek Energy Solutions is a leader in the energy efficiency tech industry that offers practical, energy-saving solutions for businesses across Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and the Philippines. The company aims to reduce the carbon footprint from industries through its range of energy-saving products such as solar air conditioners, LED lights, solar power generators, and wind turbines.


Even though Enovatek’s solutions were unique, environment-friendly, and capable of reducing the energy cost significantly for their customers, they had their own share of problems. Most of their solutions were geared towards real estate/property developers or military organizations and could potentially save them thousands of dollars in energy costs.

However, being a medium-sized company, they were finding it incredibly difficult to generate leads or land large deals – primarily because very few people were aware of their brand and their offerings.

Also, since they have a presence in multiple locations, their sales team is pretty large and dispersed. Because of this, they lacked visibility into the activities being conducted by their salespeople. They had absolutely no way to track the number of calls they were making, the number of emails they were sending, or the number of site surveys they were undertaking.

The lack of visibility into the performance and productivity of their sales teams translated to a number of missed opportunities.

Enovatek realized that they needed to change their strategy and come up with a creative solution if they were to build brand awareness, increase visibility in a big way, and become the market leader in their niche. They needed a partner who would understand their unique needs and offer tailor-made solutions to tackle their challenges head-on.

That’s when they reached out to us at Brew.

Our Strategy

Before we could come up with a strategy for Enovatek, there was a lot of groundwork to be done. We needed to make sure that we were targeting the right audiences so that our efforts wouldn’t go waste.

We also needed to make sure that we had the right kind of content that would appeal to these people, convey Enovatek’s value proposition clearly, and drive them to their website’s landing pages. Plus, we needed to arm them with the necessary technology and tools to automate and streamline the sales process.

Based on our analysis, we came up with the following 5-pronged marketing strategy for Enovatek:

1. Creating Buyer Personas

The ultimate objective of marketing is to influence buyer behavior through your messaging. But how would you know what they want to hear if you don’t know who they are?

The better you know your customers – their needs, wants, challenges, experiences, pain points, and motivation, the better you’ll be able to engage with them using personalized content and recommendations. This is exactly why it’s so important to define your ideal buyer personas.

With that in mind, we proceeded to interview Enovatek’s existing ideal clients and defined their ideal Buyer Personas. For example, the buyer persona shown below captures the complete story of how Facility Manager Felix makes a purchase decision.

Such buyer personas proved to be immensely useful in helping us craft the right messages and content to influence Enovatek’s target audience and generate quality leads.

2. Running Targeted Ads

The second aspect of our marketing strategy was to run a number of digital ad campaigns for Enovatek in order to drive leads to their website and landing pages. Based on our research and analysis of their ideal buyer personas, we figured out that the best platforms for advertising would be Google and Facebook as most of their target audience were likely to be found there.

Here’s an example of a search ad we ran on Google for Enovatek:

Search ads with relevant and engaging copy, optimized with the right keywords helped us drive quality leads to Enovatek’s website

We also ran a number of retargeting ads on the Google Display Network and on Facebook. Retargeting ads proved to be extremely beneficial for Enovatek because their sales cycles were pretty long, typically ranging from 3 months to a year. It was crucial that they remain top of mind among their target audience during this time. And retargeting ads helped us achieve just that.

Here are some examples of retargeting ads we ran on Facebook:

We created a number of ads with attractive visuals and engaging captions that articulated Enovatek’s value proposition very clearly. These proved to be very effective at driving quality leads and helping them be top of mind among their audience.

3. Search Engine Optimization

We also realized that the Enovatek website needed a lot of work from an SEO point of view. Their site loading speed was very poor which adversely affected their rankings. So, we focused on improving the site speed and other technical aspects as well as the content on the site.

We made sure that their landing pages and product pages included relevant and useful information optimized with the right keywords. We also drove a number of quality backlinks to their website which helped them improve their rankings over time.

Source: Ahrefs

As a result of it all, Enovatek ranked very well on Google across several countries and started to get a decent flow of leads.

Enovatek appears as the #1 organic search result on Google for a number of industry-specific keywords.

4. Account-Based Marketing

Once we knew who their target audience is (based on the buyer persona exercise), we leveraged a few third-party tools to obtain a database of prospects who are Facility Managers in the region. We then sent them a series of emails using Salesforce Pardot as the marketing automation tool.

Here’s an example of an email workflow we used to reach out to Facility Managers:

A typical lead nurturing workflow on Pardot looked like this: Send email #1 and if they respond, remove them from this list and proceed to send email #2, and so on.

Here’s an example of one of the outreach emails we used:

As you can see, the content is geared towards Facility Managers and includes a call-to-action (CTA) towards the end. The CTA leads them to a Solar Air Conditioner ROI Calculator which we built for Enovatek. Once a prospect enters some details and hits “calculate”, it displays a form to collect some information about the lead and then displays the ROI information.

The ROI Calculator displays some compelling information such as the amount of time it would take for the customer to recover the cost of a solar air conditioner from Enovatek. This turned out to be very effective at influencing Enovatek’s buyers and changing their brand perception.

5. Marketing Automation

Apart from using Pardot for account-based marketing, we also leveraged the marketing automation tool to nurture leads generated from the Enovatek website. For this, we created some lead capture forms on their website as shown below.

Once someone uses this form to send an inquiry and arrange for a site survey, they would be going through an email journey that we set up on Pardot as shown below:

Such workflows helped us automate the lead nurturing process in which emails would be triggered at certain predefined intervals of time. Through these series of emails, we helped prospects learn a little more about Enovatek, their solutions, and how they could solve their business problems.

The emails were engaging, useful, and communicated Enovatek’s value proposition quite clearly. They also included clear calls-to-action which created a steady flow of leads for the sales team.


As a result of our efforts, Enovatek was able to gain tremendous visibility among its intended target audience which, in turn, helped them acquire more leads and get great returns.

Our SEO efforts together with effective advertising helped to grow their traffic by 15X. The new improved sales management process and a higher inflow of leads helped them grow their revenue by 5X.

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