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“As a property developer, it is important that there is always a steady stream of leads, especially in today’s uncertain market.

Previously we didn’t know how to properly use digital to drive leads, but through working with Brew, we now have a very sustainable and consistent lead flow. Best of all, these are great quality leads and at very affordable cost-per-lead acquisition.”

Cass Tio,
Sales Director



Hatten Land is a leading property developer in Singapore and Malaysia. With an award-winning portfolio of residential, hotel and commercial developments, it takes pride in being a visionary developer.

Hatten Land is known for its quality developments, innovative designs, and futuristic architectural concepts. Its current development portfolio comprises of three integrated mixed-use development projects and a retail mall in Melaka, Malaysia.



In 2017, Hatten Land had just launched its prestigious project, Harbour City. Bringing together a mall, water theme park, and three hotels, this man-made island was positioned as a ‘unique’ holiday destination for families to enjoy.

Hatten Land needed to generate leads and attract people to invest in their sprawling property. They did what they always did – implement a mix of online and offline marketing strategies to generate inquiries.

However, they soon realized that what worked earlier was not working for them anymore. While the project received inquiries, they were largely from unqualified prospects who delivered underwhelming returns. Having wasted time and money on them, Hatten Land decided to shift gears.

They needed a more focussed lead generation strategy and that’s when Brew Interactive was approached.


We were assigned the objective of generating a high volume of qualified leads for Harbour City in Malaysia and Singapore and maintain a healthy sales pipeline.

We worked closely with the Hatten Land team to understand their business model, target audience, goals and challenges. We gathered more information about Harbour City to understand everything it offers and what makes it different.

We then conducted persona interviews to gain a deeper understanding of their audience.

Keeping all this in mind, here’s how we helped Hatten Land improve their lead generation efforts.

1. Introduced the Investment Tour offer

One of our most important findings from the buyer persona interviews was that it was not enough to ask investors to buy the property through advertisements – they needed something more to be interested and convinced about investing in the area, and the property.

That’s when we decided to create the Investment Tour offer. Interested prospects were invited for a 3-days and 2-nights stay to experience Melaka for a minimal fee.

We created an optimized landing page to create awareness about this offer. Audiences were encouraged to register for the seminar and investment tour.

2. Ran multi-channel ad campaigns

Once we laid the foundation for an enticing offer, we put together an aggressive advertising strategy to promote the offer and generate traffic to the Investment Tour landing page.

We ran ad campaigns across multiple networks such as Facebook, Google, and Programmatic networks. We leveraged third-party data to ensure the ads were accurately served to Hattan Land’s target audience.

3. Ran an automated email follow-up campaign

It didn’t end at creating a landing page and targeting potential investors with ads – we built an email follow-up sequence in order to stay on top of the leads generated and nurture them.

So, all the prospects who signed up were directed to the ‘thank you’ page. Sales representatives were then asked to call them to talk to them about the property and their requirements, with an objective to take them further down the sales funnel.

Leads who did not pick up the call or were not qualified were retargeted with ads, taking them back to the landing page. Here’s what the entire journey looked like –


The campaign ran for over 8 months and proved to be hugely successful. Our attractive offer, accurate targeting and communication, and effective follow-up campaign yielded a positive ROI generating a 2.5x boost in leads and an 87% decrease in cost per lead.

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