ILS Performance

Client Story

At A Glance

Acquired marquee clients such as AIA, Changi Airport Group, Keppel


75% decrease in Cost per lead


4x increase in leads

The Challenges

Disrupted by COVID

ILS Performance is a training provider in Singapore who delivers corporate trainings focused on mindset and behaviour to help organisations achieve higher performance.
With most of their trainings taking place in-person at offices and business coming through referrals, COVID hit them hard. Revenues dropped significantly and the team felt lost, not knowing their next step.
In an effort to pivot their business, they took on the licensing rights of “Growth Mindset” by Carol Dweck. But they needed help communicating their shift and acquiring leads through digital channels for their new service.

The Solutions

Holistic SEO

Drove Backlinks for SEO Boost

On-page optimisations helped us lay a foundation for strong search rankings, but backlinks (links from an outside site going to ILS’ site) were the key to earning first page rankings and driving qualified traffic to their site.

Focused Keyword Research

As businesses rebounded from the initial COVID hit, many sought remote professional development. To take advantage of the demand, we performed detailed keyword research to ensure we uncovered all relevant keywords ILS needed to be ranking for.

Search Friendly Website Optimisation

Once we identified the most valuable keywords for ILS, we performed content updates, on-page, and technical optimisations to ensure they ranked as well as possible for them on search engines.

Designed New Landing Pages

To help them acquire leads for their new licensed training, we designed updated landing pages that appealed to their target audience by detailing the training programme, clarifying the benefits, and enticing visitors to convert.

Created and Optimised Lead Gen Ads

We designed, wrote, launched, and optimised lead generation ads to help acquire leads for ILS’ new training programme. We ran a handful of campaigns where we tested multiple sets of copy and creative to maximise their ad spend.

Implemented and Configured HubSpot

To help them better track leads, automate marketing tasks, report more accurately, and keep their entire team on the same page – we helped ILS implement and configure HubSpot. Their team is now able to track leads from their initial touchpoint through a closed deal.

The Results

Significant Growth Amidst Pandemic

Despite the pandemic, we were able to help ILS Performance pivot and see significant growth while similar businesses were fighting just to stay alive. Our marketing campaign improved their lead generation by 400%, decreased their cost per lead by 75%, and helped them land a handful of marquee clients.

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