IPP Financial Advisors


IPP Financial Advisors has been helping clients manage their wealth and plan for their futures since 1983. But recently, they’ve begun to face some modern challenges and threats:

A Digitally Savvy Target Audience

Most of their challenges are rooted in their target audience beginning to become digitally savvy. Not long ago, those in their 40s and 50s weren’t active online, but times have changed, and IPP needed to adapt.

Competitors Going Digital

IPP was noticing many of their competitors beginning to heavily invest into digital strategies. IPP knew they would need to do the same, or their strong market share would be threatened.

Advisors Looking for Value

IPP has an army of financial advisors who often rely on their own network for leads. This is helpful, but it also means there’s little tying them to their advisory. They can bounce around as they please and keep their lead source. IPP wanted to generate more leads to provide their advisors, to offer the added value benefit and to raise their revenue ceiling.

IPP ultimately approached Brew to help them navigate the tricky world of digital marketing in the financial space. They needed help competing in the modern market, generating a steady flow of leads, and maintaining their strong market share.



400+ signups for
webinar series


90% increase in
ranked keywords


SEO and Link Building

SEO is vital for financial advisors. There’s a lot of search volume for financial advisors and wealth management. These searchers are ready to buy and present warm lead opportunities, but IPP was missing out on them while their competitors capitalized.

We started by cleaning up their on-page SEO by adding supplemental and helpful content, increasing page speeds, improving title tags & meta descriptions, optimizing headings, and adding ALT text to images where needed.

At the same time, we began focusing on building relevant and authoritative backlinks (hyperlinks from external sites to IPP) to improve their credibility, increase current rankings, and set them up to rank new pages consistently for years to come.

We’ve seen their rankings improve significantly, and substantially more keywords ranking thanks to our on-page and link building efforts.

Webinar Campaign & Promotion

While working with IPP and getting to know their clients, we realised the buyer’s journey for financial advisory was often a long one and required some education along the way. So instead of running straightforward ads with direct promotional messages, we came up with the idea to do a webinar series.

This allowed us to draw in audiences who were interested in finance and improving their family’s financial well being, but not yet in the market for buying financial products. This was an important endeavour because we wanted to build a thriving community of audiences who were familiar with IPP and their investment philosophies.

We worked with IPP to create and promote a webinar series on relevant financial topics to drive leads and improve brand awareness. We designed high performing landing pages to efficiently capture leads. Each webinar generated 75+ attendees, many of whom turned into highly qualified leads.

After attending the webinar, they were added to automated email nurturing campaigns that laid out the benefits of working with a financial advisor and what makes IPP unique in a crowded market. Using HubSpot, warm leads were sent to advisors for follow-ups.

Lead Generating Quizzes

We knew not all of IPP’s target audience would be interested in an hour long webinar and would be much more enticed by something more fun and interactive. We decided to create a quiz that would catch the attention of IPP’s audience, create a positive brand interaction, and generate warm leads for them.

So we helped IPP generate a quiz campaign. We worked with them to come up with the idea (a quiz that tells you your investor personality type!), write the questions, develop the quiz, and promote it! We also wrote and designed the landing page to house the quiz. Hundreds of qualified prospects took the quiz and entered into IPP’s ecosystem.

After attending the webinar, they were added to automated email nurturing campaigns that laid out the benefits of working with a financial advisor and what makes IPP unique in a crowded market. Using HubSpot, warm leads were sent to advisors for follow-ups.

Highly Optimised Facebook Ads

As informative as the webinars were – and as fun as the quiz experience is – we knew we would need to be aggressive in generating awareness of them. Highly targeted Facebook ads were our primary strategy for driving traffic to the webinar signup pages and quiz landing page.

Utilizing our vast amount of advertising and audience data from running hundreds of campaigns in and around Singapore, we were able to roll out high performing Facebook Ads to drive traffic to the quiz and webinar landing pages. Both were very successful campaigns, generating loads of leads for IPP.

HubSpot Implementation and Configuration

With so many new incoming leads, IPP’s team needed help optimising their lead intake and sales processes. In order to help them best field, qualify, and close all their new leads, we fulfilled a variety of tasks in HubSpot, such as segmenting their lists, creating custom dashboards, designing lifecycles, and more.


IPP is solidified as one of the leading financial advisories in Singapore. They have a steady stream of incoming leads thanks to digital marketing efforts, and feel confident knowing their marketing budget is impacting their bottom line.

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