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NUS Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy


Established in 2004, National University of Singapore’s Lee Kuan Yew (LKY) School of Public Policy is Asia’s leading school of public policy and the first to introduce a fully integrated multidisciplinary curriculum. The school boasts a distinguished faculty active in research and a diverse student body of 400 students from 50 countries.

A key component of the LKY School’s vision is to transform the world through good governance and leadership excellence. Every year, one of the key tasks that the External Affairs & Marketing team (LKY School) does is to attract student applications from various regions.

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Student recruitment is a year-long process which starts with lead generation in selected countries across the world. In the past, the team within LKY School would attract leads through promotional activities, such as face- to-face events, information sessions or post-graduate exhibitions. These tactics required heavy investments in time and money, due to the extensive travel needed. It was also difficult to scale up their marketing efforts and expand our reach to a wider audience.

Before Brew Interactive, the External Affairs & Marketing team started a trial campaign in 2015 to attract leads by running Facebook ads. A total of 1,380 leads were generated at a high cost-per-lead of approximately $80. Post-campaign analysis has led them to believe that the campaign results and ROI can be further improved. That was when Brew Interactive was brought on.


When Brew Interactive was engaged in 2016, the agency focused on a two-pronged approach.

  1. Pushing out engaging content using the Contagious Content framework.

Content that drives value to the audience as opposed to promotional content

Human Interest content in bite sized formats in various formats such as video, animation or infographics

Preparing content ahead of trending issues such that they can be deployed ‘real time’

  1. Continuous testing and optimisation:
    • AB tests on lead generation forms;
    • Comparative tests on length of copy; and
    • Comparative tests on images used.

Samples of high performance lead generation ads on Facebook


Together with Brew Interactive’s powerful media buying strategies and Contagious Content framework, the LKY School saw a significant impact on its digital presences. The LKY School now boasts a community base of over 400,000 fans on Facebook (grown from 30,000 fans), making it one of the most widely followed higher education institutes in Singapore.

But it wasn’t just smart media buying that got the LKY School this far. Engagement rate and Organic Reach of every post on social media has significantly increased over the years as well.

Average likes per post (Jan 2016): 14.9
Average likes per post (Jan 2017): 469.8 … +3.153% increase
Average likes per post (Sep 2017): 474.5 … +1.2% increase
Average comments per post (Jan 2016): 0.5
Average comments per post (Jan 2017): 10.4 … +2.088% increase
Average comments per post (Sep 2017): 12.9 … +24% increase
Average shares per post (Jan 2016): 1.5
Average shares per post (Jan 2017): 76.1 … +5.076% increase
Average shares per post (Sep 2017): 78.2 … +2.8% increase

And on the lead acquisition side for student enrollments, Brew Interactive has significantly stretched every dollar in the ad budget, generating more leads for student enrollment with a lower cost per lead acquisition.

Total leads attracted via Facebook in 2015: 1,380
Total leads attracted via Facebook in 2016: 5,123 … 271% increase
Total leads attracted via Facebook in 2017: 3,451
Cost per lead in 2015: approximately $80
Cost per lead in 2016: approximately $30 … 62.5% decrease
Cost per lead in 2017: approximately $7 … 77% decrease