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“PR is one of the key components in the marketing mix. With the fast growth in digital, we realized that we should not only invest in traditional PR efforts, but we should also start to engage in digital PR too.

After a few months of working with Brew Interactive on our digital PR, we have recorded a 20% lift in traffic to our site.”

Gale Choong,
Head of Marketing



Magnolia is a trusted and leading dairy brand in Singapore. Founded in 1937, the brand has grown slowly and steadily, becoming one of Singapore’s most loved brands today.

From pasteurized and UTH milk to healthy food drinks, ice-creams, and yogurt smoothies – Magnolia offers a wide range of great-tasting, nutritious products for the young and old.



FMCG is a competitive space and if you’re not using a multi-channel marketing strategy, there’s no way you can stand out and be considered over your competitors.

That’s the challenge Magnolia was facing as well. While they were doing everything by the book, they realized they needed to deepen their reach and boost brand visibility across platforms.

It was not enough to be present on social media and have an active website – they needed to think of creative ways to drive traffic and reach their target audience where they are.

That’s when Magnolia turned to Brew Interactive to help them improve brand awareness and drive engagement.


After having understood their business, audience, objectives, and challenges, we devised a two-pronged strategy focussed on driving traffic to their website and growing their social media community.

1. Developed a Social Media Strategy

Before Brew Interactive came onboard, Magnolia’s social media presence was rather inconsistent. There was no unified plan or strategy in place and the medium was treated more like an afterthought.

So, the first thing we did was put together a digital strategy that served as a foundation to grow their fanbase.

We introduced a mix of interesting social media content (static images, videos, cinemagraphs, and GIFs) meant to educate, inform and engage their social media fan following. We posted about their various products, ran contests and shared interesting recipes integrating their products.

Apart from organic posts, we also ran targeted ad campaigns, directing traffic to their website.

2. Devised and Implemented Digital PR Campaigns

While we continued to grow their social media presence, we realized that apart from using owned and paid media, we needed to also leverage earned media channels to spread the word about Magnolia and most importantly, instill trust in their target audience.

That’s when we decided to devise a digital PR strategy to build brand reputation and create a positive impression in the minds of customers.

We pitched to leading publications and bloggers in the women, lifestyle and parenting space and secured several digital PR placements.


The Asian Parent

Every placement was tailor-made to the publication and had a specific communication goal.

For instance, Magnolia wanted to educate their customers about the importance of consuming their milk within 3 days of opening. Keeping that in mind, we worked on a story centered around this communication which got covered by 8 Days.

8 days


Our successful collaboration with Magnolia went on for four years and in that time period, we were hugely successful in attracting traffic to their website, growing their social media fan following and driving engagement on their platforms.

Our strategic digital PR and social media campaigns resulted in a 20% increase in traffic, 18,000 new fans and a 57% increase in engagement rate.

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