How We Used HubSpot to Unify a Beauty Brand’s Marketing Efforts

Client Story

At A Glance


Increased Revenue from Ad Spend to 12x


Average revenue per customer grew by 67%


Returning buyers have increased by 15%

Client Testimonial

Brew has been a phenomenal team to work with from the start. They have supported us on digital advertising at first, and now with HubSpot, we’ve seen our customer lifetime value grow by more than double thanks to the automation that they have set up.

Brew’s implementation of HubSpot impacted nearly every area of our e-commerce business and day-to-day. We used to spend hours extracting data, and creating charts to get the data. But now we have a streamlined system of workflows. Myself and our marketing team now have a more time for strategy and thinking creatively about how to grow our business.

Miriqa has been able to get their product into the hands of more and more people, which means more and more people across Southeast Asia are seeing improved self esteem as they step out in confidence to take on the world. The Brew Interactive team has been honored to play a part.

Geraldine Lim,
General Manager

About Miriqa

Miriqa sells premium hair and skin-care beauty supplements – but they aren’t just any beauty brand. Miriqa is in the business of restoring self-esteem and confidence. Their desire isn’t merely to push products, but to be of real help to people struggling with hair loss and skin issues.

About Miriqa

Miriqa sells premium hair and skin-care beauty supplements – but they aren’t just any beauty brand. Miriqa is in the business of restoring self-esteem and confidence. Their desire isn’t merely to push products, but to be of real help to people struggling with hair loss and skin issues.

The Challenges

Sporadic Campaigns and Missed Opportunities
When Miriqa approached Brew Interactive, their marketing efforts just weren’t cutting it. They had sales, but felt they were leaving revenue on the table. Not to mention, their marketing efforts were decentralized and sporadic, resulting in inconsistent sales.

Miriqa’s general manager and marketing manager knew they could be getting more of their products into the hands of customers who needed them with a more unified, connected, and effective digital marketing approach to fully capitalize on their opportunities. We worked with them to identify their three biggest challenges:

Not Hitting Revenue Targets

Despite having such effective products, Miriqa wasn’t selling nearly as much as they had hoped in recent quarters. They were dabbling with ads, email marketing, and social media marketing, but had seen little success.

Minimal Revenue per Purchase

When they did make sales, they were minimal and typically for only one product. Their team wanted help driving their typical deal revenue.

Missing Out on Repurchase Opportunities

Miriqa knew they had a great product, but they were missing out on repeat purchases. They had no communications with customers post-purchase, and needed a way to automate personalised repurchase emails.

The Solutions

A Unified and Connected Marketing Strategy

To achieve a more unified, connected, and effective marketing strategy, we needed a platform to serve as a foundation. We knew right away that HubSpot’s Marketing Hub was perfect for our client to help us with site tracking, analytics, ad management, automated workflows, helpful dashboards, and more – at all levels of the flywheel.

Detailed Persona Mapping

Our team created two primary personas for Miriqa, diving deep into the root pains and uncovering challenges faced by those struggling with hair loss and poor skin. We helped Miriqa dial in their messaging to focus on their customers’ deeper hurt: their self confidence.

Facebook, Google, & Outbrain Ads to Attract Personas

We rolled out a variety of ad campaigns to attract persona interest. Brew handled ad creative, copy, keyword research for Google ads, and optimization. We connected all ad accounts with HubSpot’s manager to easily track sales, new contacts, and revenue from ads in one place.

We created multiple audiences for retargeting – segmenting by gender, product interest, and past purchases – where we focused on education and social proof through videos featuring medical professionals and current customers.

Marketing Automation through HubSpot

Our team strategized, wrote, and implemented three re-purchase workflows to create loyal, repeat customers, as well as an abandoned cart automation to cut down on abandonment rates.

Our re-purchase emails catch customers right as they should be running out of their product, offering convenient reorder calls to action. These campaigns have turned many one-time customers into long time product users and dedicated promoters.

More Helpful and Intuitive Dashboards

Lastly, we wanted Miriqa to see how their marketing efforts were working together to fuel growth – without having to comb through spreadsheets or filter through irrelevant graphs. We built a few different dashboards for each of their leadership roles, focused on the metrics that matter most.

The Results

Turning Customers into Loyal Fans

Miriqa has seen more new customers, more revenue per order, and more repeat customers than ever before since rolling out their new integrated marketing campaign through HubSpot.

New Customers

Creative ad campaigns and effective retargeting campaigns have led to a 1200% increase in revenue from ad campaigns. Miriqa is seeing more strangers and prospects becoming customers and promoters than ever before.

More Revenue per Customer

Average revenue per customer is up by 67%. Customers are buying more products per order and returning for more when they run out.

More Repeat Customers

Returning buyers have increased by 15%, largely due to the success of the repurchase email campaign. 21% of customers are repurchasing a second box of product directly through the email series.


Confident Marketing Leads to Spreading Confidence

After just a few months, Miriqa has seen the power of a customer focused strategy, an inbound marketing approach, and a powerful set of tools.

Not only have they seen an increase in revenue, but in marketing and sales efficiency as well.

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