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Boosted web engagement by 225%, reached more than 1 million people on Facebook, while growing their presence on Instagram and TikTok.

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More than 1.1 million
organic impressions


Above 2,500 total engagements


More than 66,000
organic impressions


Above 1,200 total engagements


More than 69,000
organic impressions


Above 1,600 total engagements


225% increase in
average page views


20% increase in
average time spent on page


MOH Holdings (MOHH) is the holding company of Singapore’s public healthcare clusters – National University Health System, National Healthcare Group and Singapore Health Services.

They offer scholarships to young Singaporeans looking to pursue a career in healthcare. Their target audience consists of junior college (JC) graduates and undergraduates currently pursuing a healthcare degree.

In order to generate interest for their scholarships, MOHH needs to create content which engages and educates its target audience with aim of:

Refine NUS Computing’s brand presence and online persona
Showcase NUS Computing’s reputation for research and academics
Raising awareness of the Healthcare Scholarships brand, scholarship
schemes and healthcare disciplines
Driving students to submit scholarship applications
Improving awareness of careers in public healthcare and the community care sector

MOHH offers the following scholarships:

MOHH – Healthcare Merit Award (HMA)
MOHH – Integrated Nursing Scholarship (INS)​​​​
MOHH – Healthcare Administration Scholarship (HAS) /Singapore-Industry Scholarship (SgIS)
MOHH – Healthcare Graduate Studies Award (HGSA)

Our Approach

To develop engaging content for MOHH that would allow them to engage with their audience, we started by:

1. Identifying key focus areas for MOHH’s content

Brew sat down with MOHH and performed an analysis of current social media and youth trends to determine:
– What type of content MOHH wants to put up
– What MOHH’s target audience (students aged 19 to 23) want to see
– Identified social media trends that resonated well with MOHH’s target audience

2. Creating engaging content

After identifying focus points for our content, we decided to produce short-form videos which are posted on Tik Tok and Instagram along with a series of articles.

3. Short form videos

We chose to produce short-form videos that allowed us to present information and educate viewers in an entertaining manner. The scholars featured come from a variety of healthcare specialties which ensures that all professions are represented.

Through the use of videos, we can present a large quantity of information in a relatively small package.

For example, some of the scholars featured spoke about their experiences working in healthcare, debunked myths about their profession, and even shared stories with an emotional side.

All of this gives potential applicants a glimpse into the possibilities available to them and what they can expect from a career in healthcare. It also allows us to build relationships with our audience and encourages them to explore what MOHH has to offer.

4. Scholar feature articles

Having first engaged audience members with the videos we produced, we created articles to provide potential applicants with additional resources for them to refer to.

Each article has a unique theme i.e. community, family and aims to showcase a more personal side to MOHH’s scholarship recipients. Our copywriter also personally interviewed every scholar featured to ensure that every article is accurate and genuine.

By focusing on different themes and sharing firsthand experiences of current healthcare scholars, we aim to resonate with various aspects of the readers’ lives and aspirations.

From life stories to advice and anecdotes about work as a healthcare professional, these articles are written to provide potential applicants with additional context and a deeper understanding of what a career in healthcare entails.

For example, an individual whose interest has been piqued by a nursing video may want further detail about a career in nursing, what types of scholarships are available or what life studying overseas is like.

Our articles address these questions by giving readers a behind-the-scenes look into the lives of our healthcare scholars.

In this way, our carefully curated content serves as a bridge connecting potential scholars to the healthcare world, guiding them through the consideration phase and providing them with the essential tools to evaluate whether healthcare is right for them.

5. Visuals

We implemented the use of eye-catching visuals on Instagram with some details about the scholars to encourage viewers to read the articles we wrote.

Here are some examples:

Social Media

Top Performing Static Posts

1.1M +

Total impressions


Total engagements

Top Performing Videos

Top Performing Static Posts

Top Performing Videos

Top Performing Videos



We were able to gauge the performance of our articles by measuring these 2 metrics on MOHH’s website:

Average page views
Higher page views allows our content to reach larger audience

Average time on page
A longer average time on page is desired as it indicates that audience are more interested in what’s produced


Total Impressions


Total engagements


Total impressions


Total engagements


Total impressions


Total engagements

Overall we can see that Brew-produced content performs better across compared to non-Brew produced content. The numbers show that our content:

Attracts more visitors
Keeps visitors on the site for longer
Generates more interest from readers

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