Social Media Strategy + Ads


Captivating Social Content to Showcase an Iconic Brand
Needing to better engage their audience on social media, Nikon Asia approached our team to help them generate more compelling social campaigns. Our team got creative with inspirational series, compelling copy, and stunning visuals across Instagram and TikTok.


Segmenting Nikon’s Audience

We knew a wide range of people use Nikon products – from professional photographers to vloggers and from artists to travellers. Our first step was taking the time to define appropriate messaging for each segment of their target audience.

Interactive Videos for Product Features

With such a wide range of photographers using Nikons – from casual travelers to professional photographers – we knew it was important to educate Nikon’s audience on the latest features, benefits, and how to get the most out of their cameras. To do this, we put together videos that portrayed different product features and their benefits.

Spotlighting #Zcreators

#ZCreators are visual creatives of all levels telling their stories in entirely new ways through photography and videography – and specifically through Nikon’s Z Series cameras.

The Nikon SG Sticker Pack

To further Nikon’s reach in the Singapore market and to generate more creative brand impressions, we worked with Nikon SG to create a Nikon dedicated sticker pack.


Nikon Asia’s brand pages have seen a significant increase in views, engagement, and followers.

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