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NUS School of Computing

Significantly Improved Social Media Presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & LinkedIn

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Increase in average
organic reach


Increase in average engagement rates


Increase in average
organic reach


Increase in average engagement rates


Increase in average
organic reach


Increase in average engagement rates


Increase in average
organic reach


Increase in average engagement rates

Client Testimonial

When I joined NUS Computing’s Communications team in October 2022, Brew Interactive was appointed as the Social Media Marketing Agency to support the faculty’s social media marketing efforts.

Given the tight manpower resources of the current Communications team, Brew Interactive’s Creative team helped us with processes such as content curation, graphics, copywriting to post regularly between 3-4 times per week to keep our social media audience engaged with regular posts on events, news and staff and student achievements.

Ben and team were always accessible, positive, creative, open to suggestions and fast to respond to changes and provided support for live updates eg. posting images from our Open House 2023, Career Fair and ChatGPT Forum event.

The Brew Interactive Team also provided expertise to run campaigns using Facebook Pixel and also provided high-quality graphics to make our social media posts look professional and eye-catching. This really helped the team as we did not have an in-house graphic designer within our Comms Team.

As an experienced marketing agency, Brew Interactive has displayed a high degree of professionalism in delivering social media content and graphics to support our Comms team in executing our social media strategy.

In terms of results, we managed to hit an all time high in engagement rate thanks to the content produced by Brew.”

Anita Moreira,
Associate Director of Communications, NUS school of Computing


Established in 1998, the NUS School of Computing (SoC) is a leading institution in computer science and information systems, situated within the National University of Singapore (NUS), the country’s flagship university.

The school has a rich history of offering world-class education and research in computing disciplines.

Overall, the NUS School of Computing offers a comprehensive and rigorous education in computing disciplines, backed by a strong research environment, global partnerships, and career support, making it a top choice for students interested in pursuing a career in technology.


Before Brew came on board, the NUS Computing communications team comprised only one person. The previous in-house social media team is no longer available, and the current lineup is understaffed, with few resources available to them.

While NUS Computing has a strong reputation for academic rigour and research excellence, this wasn’t being communicated through their social media posts.

The school also regularly hosts thought leadership events and knowledge-sharing sessions on the latest developments in tech and computing.

There was no coverage of these events on social media which is a tremendous missed opportunity for the school.

The Opportunity

After auditing NUS Computing’s current content strategy, we decided to take a multi-prong approach to:

Refine NUS Computing’s brand presence and online persona
Showcase NUS Computing’s reputation for research and academics
Engage with NUS Computing’s desired target audience (18 – 25)
Plan out and execute a marketing campaign for NUS Computing’s programmes
Improve the quality of copywriting 
Upgrade the quality of visuals used

Our Approach

1. Created striking, professional-quality visuals

To attract signups from students and present NUS Computing as a premier and respected institution for technological education, we needed to ensure our visuals were on point.

2. Created light-hearted visuals highlighting campus life and events

The NUS School of Computing has always been known for their love of technology and quirky nature. We decided to implement this spirit through a variety of light-hearted visuals that brings out the school’s character

3. Crafted visuals featuring inventions by students

NUS Computing has an excellent reputation for innovation and being on the cutting edge of technology, with several students going on to found startups. We showcased this by creating visuals featuring inventions by student body members.

4. Planned & managed a marketing campaign to create awareness for NUS Computing’s PhD programme

The school wanted to attract new applicants for their PhD programme. Based on the requirements given to Brew, we created a post for Facebook with high-quality visuals and copy to reach out to potential applicants. Key details:

Campaign was a success with more than 275,800 impressions over 7 days.
It generated new leads for NUS Computing and led to an increase in enquiries regarding their PhD programme.
Engage with NUS Computing’s desired target audience (18 – 25)
We used a combination of sharp visuals and engaging copywriting for the ad
Information gathered from the campaign will allow us to fine-tune future campaigns.


Overall, our attempts allowed us to boost NUS Computing’s impressions and engagement rates across all social media platforms.

Average engagement rate and impressions have consistently increased from the end of October 2022 to April 2023.

All social media platforms managed by Brew i.e. Facebook, Instagram ,LinkedIn and X (formerly known as Twitter) enjoy a healthy growth of new followers every month.

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