NUS Engineering Digital Audit

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About NUS Engineering

One of the first engineering schools established in Singapore back in 1964, NUS Engineering is Singapore’s leading engineering university.

About NUS Engineering

One of the first engineering schools established in Singapore back in 1964, NUS Engineering is Singapore’s leading engineering university.

The Challenges

NUS Engineering has long been the most prestigious engineering school in Singapore.
But in recent years, new schools have been started in the country, creating some competition for NUS. These new schools are extremely active on digital channels and platforms, and have been cutting into some of NUS’ admissions.
Having little-to-no history or experience with social or digital marketing, they engaged Brew – not just to keep up with their new competitors – but to learn how to beat them out.

The Audit

A simple, one page report wasn’t going to help NUS reclaim their market share. Our expert team put together an 89 page presentation detailing insights into NUS’ audience, investigation of their current efforts, competitor analysis, and a roadmap of recommendations.

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Audience Persona Research

Everything starts with the audience. We could analyze competitors, metrics, and dashboards all day – but if we didn’t fully understand the wants and needs of their audience, the audit wouldn’t have moved the needle for them.
We interviewed many of NUS’ current students to put together a profile including why they chose NUS, what their evaluation process looked like, and repeated quotes from our interview.

Capability Assessment

Next, we evaluated all of NUS’ current marketing efforts to determine what was working and what wasn’t. We looked at each individual department to investigate their social media use, outreach efforts, and other marketing tactics.

We discovered they had little-to-no plan in place, a lack of understanding of digital strategy and trends, a lack of focus on their audience persona, and no synergy in their efforts (each department was working in a silo).

Competitor Research

We conducted deep competitor research for three of NUS’ biggest national competitors: NTU COE, SUTD, and SIT. We analyzed what platforms they were active on, their follower counts, follower growth over time, engagement rates, follower demographics, and much more.

We pulled out their top posts from the past year to evaluate what was working for them and what NUS could replicate.

But we didn’t stop there – we also evaluated their SEO performance and website analytics, where their competitors were also beating them out.

Findings & Recommendations

After some additional channel analysis, we compiled our findings and recommendations. We dove deep into what works, what doesn’t work, and our recommendations. A detailed SWOT analysis outlined their biggest weaknesses and opportunities.

We identified the three biggest areas in their “buying process” (a student’s journey to applying to and attending NUS) that needed drastic improvement.

Our biggest recommendations for these areas involved a shift in how they think about advertising to prospective students on social (including a TikTok strategy), revamping their website, investing in SEO, automating email marketing campaigns, and publishing more timely content.


We believe a great audit doesn’t just outline areas for improvement, but provides a roadmap to achieve success.

We pitched six key steps that would help them reclaim their market share. These steps included recommended tools, specific action steps, and suggested timelines to keep them on track. We even included case studies from similar schools and businesses who had implemented some of these tactics.

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