High Converting Web Design + Marketing Campaign for A New Medical Clinic

Client Testimonial

A Lofty Challenge

Following residency in public hospitals, Dr. Mizan Marican made the decision to start his own private practice in Singapore. Dr Marican has a deep passion for helping people restore quality of life through his orthopaedic surgeries.

Despite his passion, he was launching his business with no clientele, no website, and no marketing plan.

Dr. Marican approached our team at Brew Interactive with lofty goals. We committed to help him reach them. He would need help:

Solidifying himself into the orthopaedic surgery market with a new practice
Launching a beautiful website that would catch the attention of prospective clients
Generating qualified leads from the start
Breaking into the competitive Indonesian market

Our Solutions

Detailed Persona Creation

Before writing copy or mocking up a website design, we needed a deep understanding of Orion’s ideal clients. We held extensive interviews with Dr. Mazicon and a couple of his early clients to develop persona profiles and build out:

Customer lifecycles
Ideal tone of voice
Key messaging
A research-backed content calendar
Primary calls-to-action

Modern Site Design with HubSpot CMS

We handled the full web design process from start to finish including site layout, architecture, copywriting, customer-focused content, and buildout using HubSpot CMS. Our design focused on:

Lively images depicting target personas active and enjoying life
A bright tone and feel throughout
Informational images coupled with detailed explanations of conditions and procedures
Colours that balanced a feeling of youth with professionalism and trust

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Highly Optimised Site Development

Modern design is nice, but speedy load times are a must. While designing the site, we optimised it for speed and search engine visibility. Our team made each page as search engine friendly as possible through keyword-rich copy, captivating headings, and optimised metadata.

We paid special attention to site speed and load times, ensuring images were compressed, large files were minified, and big assets were lazy loaded. We also made sure we set the site up in a way Orion’s team could easily make additions in the future. HubSpot CMS made this process seamless.

UX Focused Content Strategy

As we mapped out Orion’s site, we wanted to cover a wide variety of content to ensure the customer could have all their questions answered without having to up the phone. We structured the site around three hubs:

Orthopaedic Conditions (Attract)
Orthopaedic Procedures (Engage)
Social Proof & Blog Content (Delight)

The conditions would be incredibly informative and optimised to rank on search engines. The procedures would also be optimised for search engines and designed to answer all patient questions. And the social proof would take the form of patient stories, helpful articles, press mentions, and more. Together, these hubs would guide potential clients from strangers to customers and promoters.

Effective HubSpot Chatbot Configuration

If our site visitors still have questions, we direct them to a helpful chatbot who will quickly and efficiently answer their question, help them determine what kind of procedure they might need, or help them schedule a consultation.

Not all chatbots are actually helpful, so we took the time to work with Orion to ensure their chatbot would guide site visitors to what they needed. We integrated the HubSpot chatbot to seamlessly fit into the design and feel natural throughout the site.

Relevant Link Building and Ongoing SEO

Once the site was launched, to build authority and establish credibility with search engines, we earned backlinks through topical research, link prospecting, and blogger outreach. We focused on relevant sites in the medical and healthcare industries to improve our topical relevancy.

We continue to earn backlinks and digital press, while constantly testing on-page SEO elements to ensure the highest rankings and most relevant traffic possible.

Targeted Google Ads + Standout Facebook Ads

To drive traffic and generate leads, we ran Google Search Ads targeting high-value, high-intent keywords as well as Facebook Ads targeting those likely to be in need of an orthopaedic surgery. We placed a heavy emphasis on targeting patients from Indonesia, where there’s a big market for orthopaedic surgeons. We tracked all of our campaigns through HubSpot, where we are quickly and easily able to see which campaigns are leading to the highest ROI.

Customer-Focused Blog Content

Orthopaedic surgeries can be daunting procedures, so we also wanted to thoroughly inform them of their issue, answer questions about their procedure, and help them understand the process.

We handled the process of topical research, keyword mapping, subject-matter research, writing, and optimising. These long form blog posts are chock full of helpful information and insight.

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HubSpot Marketing Pro Setup & Configuration

In order to accurately track prospects, automate prospect nurturing, convert more leads, and report effectively on all things sales and marketing – we set Orion up on the ProHubSpot’s Marketing Hub. We configured simple dashboards to help Orion’s team see the metrics that matter most, we created automated workflows to automate much of the sales process, and we organised their lead stages to efficiently track deals.


Breaking Into A Difficult Market

25 Page One Keywords within 8 Months

Thanks to our emphasis on SEO and website optimization, Orion’s rankings and traffic took off from the start. While some sites take months to start ranking and generating traffic – we were seeing quality, high-intent local traffic within 2-3 months.

35% Increase in Prospective Clients

The site wasn’t just driving stagnant traffic – our landing pages were converting at a high rate from the start thanks to conversion-focused content, microcopy, and headings. Many of these conversions became Orion clients.

Improving Quality of Life in Singapore

Dr. Marican hit the ground running thanks to Orion’s effective website design. His calendar is booked with an average of 8 new appointments each week (in addition to established patients) as he helps to improve his patients’ quality of life and get them back to active lifestyles.

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