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How We Increased Patient Inquiries by 500% in 6 Months

How We Increased Patient Inquiries by 500% in 6 Months

The Situation: Zero Online Presence

Dr. Adrian Ooi stepped away from his job as a plastic surgeon resident at a hospital here in Singapore and started his own private practice.

He was excited for a new journey, but needed to make a splash immediately. He needed clients ASAP, and none of his initial efforts were panning out.

He approached Brew Interactive to help get things rolling. After meeting with him and hearing his story, we got to work putting together a marketing strategy that included:

Crafting a new brand
Launching a website
Generating leads as quickly as possible
Breaking into the Indonesia market

Client Testimonial

The Results

The Solutions

How We Did It

Solution #1:
Research the Audience + Competition

Successful healthcare marketing hinges on two primary things:

A deep understanding of the patient’s needs and desires
A strong awareness of the competition and their messaging

Without a deep knowledge of the audience, medical clinics aren’t able to tap into messaging that will move their potential leads to scheduling an appointment. And without knowledge of the competition, clinics don’t know how they can stand out in the market.

So before diving into our tactics, we began with comprehensive interviews with our client and their top customers. We focused on Polaris’ dream patients including demographics, aspirations, and challenges.

Next, we performed research to identify the top plastic surgeons in the area and their key messaging. We worked with Polaris to craft pinpointed messaging and hooks to connect with their desired audience.

Solution #2:
SEO Driven Website Design

The heart of a plastic surgery practice’s marketing is their website. It needs to be appealing, easy to navigate, and clearly communicate what makes it unique.

But more than that, it needs to be found. The best website in the world is worth nothing if no one ever sees it.

With that in mind, we placed heavy emphasis on search engine optimization throughout the research, planning, strategy, design, and development process. We focused on implementing:

Keyword research that focused on high-intent, highly searched keywords.
On-page optimization best practices including keyword rich headings, supplemental keywords, optimized title tags, ALT text, and more.
Valuable content that truly helps the user and answers all questions.

HubSpot’s CMS makes SEO implementation a breeze from start to finish.

Then we designed the site to be user friendly and appealing to Polaris’ target audience on HubSpot CMS, developing in a way that made it easy for Polaris’ team to make updates going forward. We also placed special focus on making appointment scheduling as easy as possible.

Solution #3:
Technical Site Optimization

Technical site optimization is crucial for two reasons:

01. Ranking well on search engines
02. Creating a smooth user experience for leads and current patients

Search engines place a high priority on site speed and Core Web Vitals – both things we honed in on and optimized during the development process.

We ensured page speed, load time, and all three Core Web Vitals were as good as they could be – thanks to a strong foundation from HubSpot CMS.

Solution #4:
Driving Backlinks to the Newly Launched Site

Once a website is live, the goal is to drive traffic and convert visitors into patients – and one of the best ways to drive traffic to a site is through SEO.

You might think, “Didn’t you optimize the site for search engines in the last step?”

Yes, but the SEO process never stops. And one of the biggest factors that moves the needle after launch is backlinks – one of Google’s top factors when it comes to gauging credibility and validity in a site.

Once Polaris’ site launched, we focused on building relevant and authoritative backlinks from credible, relevant sites to Polaris’ new site. We saw their brand new site start to rank for valuable keywords and accumulate traffic within weeks – a tough feat for a new site.

Solution #5:
Highly Targeted Google and Facebook Ads

SEO is a great strategy for driving traffic, but the best way to drive business quickly is through multi-channel campaigns. Instead of only focusing on one channel and waiting for the rankings to come, we decided to also invest in both Google and Facebook ads.

The key to Google Ads for medical practices is nailing keyword research, headlines, and ad extensions. We did research to nail down the most profitable keywords for Polaris, we wrote compelling headlines, and then we set up helpful extensions including location, callouts, click-to-call, and site links to service pages.

We also created eye-catching Facebook Ads using audience data from other clients in the medical field to hit the ground running with highly optimized ads right from the start. We recognized a big opportunity to break into the Indonesian market, so we created some high performing custom Indonesian audiences.

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