How We Designed a Beautiful, SEO Driven Website for Polaris

Client Testimonial

Starting from Scratch

After working as a plastic surgeon resident in one of the public hospitals here in Singapore for some time, Dr Adrian Ooi decided to come out to practice on his own.

But he was starting from scratch. He approached Brew with just an idea of where he wanted to go and a logo. We weren’t just designing a website for a new business – we were launching a brand that needed to make a splash immediately to generate awareness and business for Dr. Ooi.

To start, we set Polaris up with HubSpot CRM as we began working on his site on HubSpot CMS.

Keys to Success

Our goal was to design and launch a high performing website – but we didn’t get started without some critical foundational steps.

Detailed Persona Research

Before trying to write copy or mockup a website design, we needed a deep understanding of the site’s target personas. We started with an in-depth audience research process that involved:

Building out detailed personas
Honing in on desired tone of voice
Establishing key messaging
Landing on primary calls-to-action

Sound Site Architecture

Our next step was to structure the site. This process began with intricate keyword and competitor research where we established the most profitable keywords and topics the site needed to cover. This led to the development of a sitemap and site structure, with a plan for over 100 pages of content.

Compelling Site Design

Now that the foundation was laid, our designers got to work crafting a brand identity and bringing it to life on the site. We worked with Dr. Ooi to put together color palettes, typography choices, and site flow that would appeal to our target personas.

We focused on a premium look and feel with darker tones, pops of gold, and imagery that helped users visualize the benefits of working with Polaris.

Conversion Focused Copy

While our team was working on design, our writers got to work crafting copy that speaks to our personas and drives action. We balanced Polaris’ core messaging with SEO-focused copywriting, centered around the central benefits of Dr. Ooi’s work.

We sought to answer every single question a potential client might have about their procedure, with the goal to put them at ease while on their buyer’s journey.

Optimized Site Development

A beautiful site isn’t helpful if no one is finding it. After designing an irresistible brand, we developed the site with a special emphasis on search engine performance. Our team optimized each page with keyword-rich copy, captivating headings, and optimized metadata.

We paid special attention to site speed and load times, ensuring images were compressed, large files were minified, and big assets were lazy loaded. We also made sure we set the site up in a way Polaris’ team could easily make additions in the future.

Long Term Growth for A Standout Website

Top Rankings & Traffic

Thanks to our emphasis on SEO and website optimization, Polaris’ rankings and traffic took off from the start. While some sites take months to start ranking and generating traffic – we were seeing quality, high-intent local traffic within 2-3 months.

High Converting Pages

The site wasn’t just driving stagnant traffic – our landing pages were converting at a high rate from the start thanks to conversion-focused content, microcopy, and headings. Many of these conversions became Polaris clients.

Long Lasting Growth

Dr. Ooi hit the ground running thanks to Polaris’ strong online presence – but this is only the beginning of his journey. As Polaris’ site continues to grow, so does his business. Our partnership continues with his website at the center of our efforts.

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