Maximising Returns with Brew: Lower Costs, Higher Leads, and More Units Sold


Progress Group is a seasoned real estate developer with over 30 years of experience in the industry. With a diverse portfolio that spans commercial and residential sectors, the company has significantly shaped the built environment in multiple regions. 

It has undertaken a wide array of projects, from petrol stations and healthcare facilities to towering apartments and single-family residences.

The company has a strong presence in the greater Jakarta area and has expanded its footprint to the cities of Wollongong and Sydney in Australia. 

Among its notable achievements is the establishment of Rumah Sakit Royal Progress, a private hospital located in North Jakarta. This healthcare facility is distinguished for being one of the first private hospitals to serve patients under the Indonesian Universal Health Care system.

At a Glance

Leads and sales
 leads and sales enquirie

Showroom visits
 showroom visits from viewers of our ad campaign

Units sold
 increase in CTR

Marketing costs
 reduction in marketing costs


Progress Group approached Brew to help them generate new leads for their project called Paradise Project City. It is a new upscale residential community located in South Jakarta.

Paradise Project City’s desired customer base consists of young, upwardly mobile couples looking for a safe community with good access to amenities. However, Progress Group was finding it difficult to generate new leads and reach out to their desired target market.

Our Approach

With that in mind, we realised that the best way to help Progress Group achieve their goals was by:

Running ads on Google Search and Google Display

To amplify interest and drive leads for Progress Group’s new residential development, we implemented a Google Search ads campaign targeting relevant keywords. This strategy was essential for several reasons. First, it allowed us to position Progress Group’s offerings at the top of search results, capturing immediate attention from prospective buyers actively looking for real estate options.

Second, by focusing on relevant keywords, we could ensure that the ads reached a highly-targeted audience, thereby increasing the likelihood of conversions. For example, we made use of keywords like “rumah Ciputat” and “perumahan Ciputat” which were relevant to the Paradise Project City development which is located in Ciputat. This precise targeting not only maximises the efficiency of the ad spend but also contributes to lowering the overall cost per lead, aligning with Progress Group’s broader marketing objectives.

Running ads on Google Display

In addition to our Google Search ads strategy, we employed Google Display ads to further enhance Progress Group’s reach for their new residential development. The use of Display ads served multiple purposes. Firstly, it allowed us to engage potential customers across various online platforms, extending beyond the limitations of search queries to reach a broader but still relevant audience.

Our ads specifically outlined the enticing amenities available at the new development, including a swimming pool, water playground, easy access to the CBD area, and a clubhouse. These features were chosen to resonate with Progress Group’s target audience, who value both luxury and convenience.

Secondly, the visual nature of Display ads provided an opportunity to showcase the unique features of the new development, thereby making a lasting impression that could drive brand recall and subsequent engagement.
We employed captivating visuals that not only showcased the property but also allowed viewers to visualise the elevated lifestyle they aspired to, further increasing the ads’ impact.

Display ads also allowed for advanced targeting options, such as retargeting individuals who had previously interacted with the Progress Group website but had not converted. This comprehensive approach was vital for nurturing leads throughout the customer journey, from raising initial awareness to encouraging the final steps towards a purchase.

Campaign Optimisations

We continuously monitored and fine-tuned Progress Group’s ad campaigns to ensure optimal performance. Regular tracking allowed us to assess the effectiveness of different elements in real-time, from keyword choices to ad placement and audience targeting. Based on this data, we were able to make informed adjustments, refining both the creative and technical aspects of the campaigns.

The Results

Ranked on the 1st page of Google SERP for selected keywords

Another key achievement in our collaboration with Progress Group was the notable reduction in their cost-per-click (CPC).

Lowering the CPC is beneficial for several reasons. It means that for every click the ad receives, the client pays less, stretching the advertising budget further. This allows for greater reach and potentially more conversions, without increasing ad spend.

We managed to lower Progress Group’s CPC through a combination of strategies, including keyword optimization and ensuring ad relevance. This was done by regularly optimising keywords and ad campaigns which we were running for them.

By focusing on high-performing keywords that are most relevant to the target audience, we improved the quality score of the ads. A higher quality score not only improves ad positioning but also reduces the CPC.

This meticulous approach contributed to a more cost-efficient ad campaign, making the most out of Progress Group’s investment in digital marketing.

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