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Q & M Dental Group is the largest private dental healthcare group in Singapore. Established in 1996, they have grown from strength to strength to become a reliable dental healthcare service provider.

Serving more than 600,000 patients through more than 70 strategically located dental clinics, the group offers a range of primary care and specialist dental services. Q & M is known for its modern dental facilities and the adoption of the latest innovations in the dental space.



Despite their steady growth and strong local reputation, Q & M Dental Group felt like they had the potential to achieve much more in terms of appointment requests and patient growth.

Having had their marketing team run campaigns in the past, they realized they were spending too much and receiving low-quality leads in return. The team was unable to assess what they were doing wrong and optimize campaign performances.

Due to their lack of knowledge and expertise, they failed to get the results they set out to achieve.

That’s when they decided they needed a digital marketing partner who could put together a robust strategy to drive traffic to their website and generate leads in a cost-effective manner.

Enter Brew Interactive.


The objective assigned to us was to increase awareness of the clinic’s offerings, increase appointment requests (leads) and generate a steady stream of patients.

Our journey with Q & M started with having in-depth discussions with the team to explore more about the clinic, the work they do, their services, target audience, patient journey, business goals, and challenges.

We realized that one of the biggest challenges faced by dental companies is that they have to abide by the strict promotional regulations set forth by the Singapore government. They had to be extremely cautious about their advertising and communication.

Another aspect of lead generation in this industry is the long and winding conversion path. It’s not as straightforward as putting out a social media ad and expecting to get results.

Dental marketing is about constantly creating valuable content to educate potential patients and giving them a reason to choose you over your competitors.

From generating awareness and attracting new patients to engaging with the existing ones and building a long-lasting relationship with them – establishing trust needs to lie at the core of everything one does.

Keeping that in mind, here’s how we helped Q & M Dental Group achieve their business goals.

1. Promoted the Pioneer Generation Package

Q & M clinics are accredited with the Community Health Assist Scheme (CHAS). This scheme enables all Singapore Citizens to receive subsidies for medical and/or dental care across Q & M clinics.

One of the subsidies under CHAS is the Pioneer Generation Package. In this case, “pioneer” refers to senior citizens.

As a participating clinic, we thought it was important for Q & M to promote this package and let people know that they are offering government-subsidized dental procedures to those who are eligible.

The first step was to design and build an optimized landing page that featured informative content about this package with a goal to attract inquiries.

During our persona interviews, we realized that apart from targeting senior citizens, it was particularly important to target the children of senior citizens and build awareness among them because they were the more prominent and influential decision-makers in this case.

We then went on to promote this landing page on Facebook to boost visibility and maximize call requests. Apart from targeting people who are aged 65 and above, we also targeted working adults, encouraging them to check if their parents are eligible for dental subsidies.

Facebook ad targeted to the ‘pioneer generation’

Facebook ad targeted to children of the ‘pioneer generation’

2. Developed a Content-Driven Strategy to Promote their Orthodontic Practice

One of Q & M’s biggest strengths was their orthodontic services – which we felt was not adequately promoted across their website and social media platforms.

In order to generate more awareness about it, we developed and implemented a strong content-driven strategy with an aim to educate prospects, establish trust and ultimately, increase appointment volume.

We created multiple pieces of informative content directed towards explaining potential patients about braces, their importance and why they should trust Q & M with it. Optimized landing pages were designed for every content piece – each of them ending with a ‘Make an Appointment’ and ‘Enquire Now’ call-to-action button.

We ran Facebook ad campaigns to generate traffic to these landing pages and generate appointments.

Facebook ad

Facebook ad targeting parents

3. Created Workflows to Speed up the Sales Cycle

We realized that in this industry, the time taken for a lead to convert into a sale was considerably long. To put it simply, very few online inquiries would actually result in an appointment.

We wanted to change that, speed up the sales cycle and convert sooner.

The first step was to establish a workflow that outlined the sequence of actions based on the prospect/patient’s behavior.

We created a series of emails to welcome leads, educate them about the services, and send them timely reminders.

Let’s go over one user journey, as an example.

  • A user is met with this ad promoting the Pioneer Generation Package and clicks it
  • They are directed to this landing page and share their mobile number
    Landing page
  • Once their number has been captured, they are met with the below appointment request form
    Appointment Request Form
  • Those who fill this form are met with a ‘thank you’ page and those who don’t are sent an email after a day. Through this email, we wanted to remind prospects to book their appointment.
    Follow up email sent one day after opt-in
  • Recipients who opened the above email and did not book an appointment were sent the following email. We used this email to drive urgency while reinstating the benefits of the package.
    Follow up email sent 2 days after opt-in

This is what the journey looked like:


Our multi-channel marketing approach directed towards creating relevant content to educate prospects and encourage them to go further down the sales funnel proved to be successful.

In just 6 months of working together, there was a dramatic 235% increase in website traffic and a 37% increase in conversion rate. That’s not all, we did all of this in a cost-effective manner and achieved a 73% decrease in cost per lead acquisition.

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