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Thanks to Brew Interactive, we have managed to make digital work for our school. Today, we’re getting a constant and predictable lead flow for the business, and our programme managers also know that if their leads come from Brew Interactive, there is a high chance of closing rate.

Joseph Wong,
College Director



Raffles Design Institute is a private design college. Established in 1990, in Singapore, this design institute has grown to 22 colleges in 20 cities across 12 countries. They offer a wide range of programmes covering design, merchandising, business and psychology.

Raffles’ curriculum and pedagogy are centered around delivering a holistic education that is industry-focused and relevant.

With their best-in-class lecturers providing a personalized learning experience, Raffles Design Institute creates a conducive learning environment to ignite students’ creativity and empowers them to innovate, setting them on the path to success.



Even though Raffles Design Institute was one of the first premier design institutes in the region, their biggest struggle was establishing a steady flow of leads and driving enrollments.

Before Brew Interactive came into the picture, Raffles’ marketing team was relying on the traditional methods of lead generation which predominantly included word-of-mouth referrals and participating in fairs.

While organizing events and participating in fairs was a way to get their courses across to prospective students, it was a time-consuming and costly affair that delivered a very poor return on investment.

After seeing the dismal results and low quality of leads being generated, Raffles Design Institute decided it was time to shift gears. In order to grow, they needed to adopt modern practices and leverage their digital channels to reach prospective students and boost lead generation.

They felt the need to get a specialized digital marketing agency on board – and that’s when they reached out to us at Brew Interactive.


Raffles Design Institute came to us with a goal to promote and drive student enrollments for their
bachelor programmes.

Before devising a strategy, we spent quality time speaking to the team, understanding their business, offerings, objective, audience, and challenges. We conducted a thorough audit of their content assets, social media platforms, and website.

Based on the data we gathered from the team and through the website traffic, we created buyer personas of their ideal student.

The target audience for this particular campaign (promoting their Bachelor programmes) was identified to be young, budding designers in the 16-22-year-old age bracket who were just out of high school (or in their final year) and were interested in arts and design.

Enrolling in a higher degree like a Bachelor’s or Master’s programmme is a difficult decision to make. Students do comprehensive research on the college and want to gather as much information before they
decide to enroll.

Due to this, our strategy was focussed on delivering value and educating prospects about what Raffles Design Institute’s bachelor programme has to offer. This was teamed with leveraging digital channels to amplify this message and reach prospective students where they are.

1. Designed an Optimized Lead-Generating Landing Page

To generate high-quality leads, we had to come up with an enticing offer that would compel prospects to fill the form and share their details.

We decided to launch a downloadable informative brochure which was meant to educate prospects about the bachelor programme and was created in line with the buyer personas.

Through this lead generating offer, we wanted to pique people’s interest and acquire marketing qualified leads to take them further down the sales funnel.

2. Ran Targeted Campaigns on Google Display and Facebook

Creating the landing pages was just half the work done – we had to then find the right advertising channels to promote it.

With the objective to drive traffic to the landing page, we identified Google Display and Facebook as the prime advertising channels to reach the target audience.

We ran link ads on Facebook which had the link to the landing page.

Prospects were targeted based on demographics, location, and interests. We even created custom audiences to target past website visitors and created lookalike audiences to target prospects who shared similar characteristics to Raffles’ existing audience.

In addition to Facebook ads, we utilized the Google Display network to run responsive banner ads. We wanted the ads to be showcased across a wide network of websites and apps that were frequented by potential students.

We particularly selected this channel owing to its precise targeting capabilities, and leveraged topic, interest, and contextual targeting to reach prospects.


The results were impressive – in a span of 8 months, we generated more leads at lesser costs, resulting in a 35% decrease in cost per lead acquisition.

There was a significant improvement in the quality of leads too. Our campaigns attracted highly qualified leads who were most likely to convert and that was reflected in the 35% increase in conversion rates.

The primary goal for any college/university is to get a steady lead flow and increase student enrollments. With our revamped marketing strategy, the right use of data and smart channel selection, we were able to help the Raffles Design Institute get closer to this goal.

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