Shell Energy

Social Media Strategy + Ads

At A Glance


2,800,000 Singaporeans engaged


99% of comments were positive


14,325 social media comments


Brand Perception: In today’s culture, many view oil and gas companies negatively – as catalysts for global warming and environmental harm. Shell needed help shifting the narrative and promoting new clean energy campaigns.
Education: Not only did Shell need to change the way their corporation was viewed, but also educate their audience on the future of energy, Shell’s role, and how the general public can help.


Defining Shell’s Audience

We first performed persona research to clarify who we needed to target and the key messages for each group.

Identifying Content Gaps

We audited Shell’s social and website content to determine their biggest gaps in content and messaging.

Building Content Pillars

We established three pillars around which we would create all content, videos, posts, and messaging.

Executing Social Strategy

We helped Shell roll out our strategy across their social platforms and website.

Emphasizing New Initiatives

Our social efforts involved educating the general public on new clean energy initiatives from Shell.

Publishing Compelling Website Content

In addition to social media content, we also collaborated with Shell to publish longer form content educating the community on clean energy and Shell’s efforts to make the world a better place.

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