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Client Story


ST Engineering is a brand name in Singapore, but they were struggling to promote their cybersecurity products and services in the US and Middle East, where the brand name was not known at all – much less their solutions. They needed help targeting decision makers in the critical infrastructure space, which isn’t an easy task. They had tried and failed to create an efficient marketing strategy in order to stay in front of these decision makers. So they approached Brew for help.

Our strategy was to roll out a highly targeted, omnichannel approach, where ST Engineering would be omnipresent for these decision makers. We would introduce the brand, spark interest, educate, and be ready to field them as leads when it came decision-making time – using a variety of digital channels.


CRIF is a leading global provider of credit bureau, business information, and risk management solutions. Their data-driven insights enable businesses to make informed and sustainable decisions throughout the credit life cycle.

However, upon expanding into the Asian market and acquiring local entities in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, and Taiwan, CRIF found itself in a dire situation. The company faced a lack of awareness, difficulty in attracting new leads, and the urgent need to unify its brand identity across Asia, which was significantly impacting its profitability.

To address these challenges and secure its growth, CRIF urgently sought a trusted digital marketing agency. They needed a partner who could help them increase awareness of their brand and solutions in Asia, attract new leads to fuel their growth, and establish a recognizable brand image.



340% increase in lead to opportunity rate


360% increase in opportunity value


150% lift in email outreach rate



Because our strategy was so dependent on targeting specific decision makers in the critical infrastructure space, we needed to make sure we deeply and intimately understood ST Engineering’s ICP (Ideal Customer Profile).

Rather than just asking their team to define the persona for us, we conducted our own first-party research, interviewing and surveying their actual clients in order to put together detailed buyer persona profiles that would guide all of our tactics. We clarified details such as position, title, former titles, job functions, challenges, aspirations, and more to ensure we dialed in our profiles.

Our intricate audience targeting on LinkedIn, driven by our persona research


We were targeting such a specific buyer persona, we couldn’t just roll out some generic posts and ads on LinkedIn. To catch the attention of our ICP and make ST Engineering a memorable brand in their new markets, their creative needed to be perfect for the target audience.

We helped ST Engineering promote webinars, eBooks, and other middle-of-funnel magnets to attract their ICP. We spent ample time designing these creatives – both static imagery and video – to make sure what we distributed would be eye-catching, compelling, and foster action.

Middle-of-Funnel Offer Creative on LinkedIn, Optimized for the ICP


ST Engineering had a couple of different buyer personas we were focused on. Rather than sending them all the same ad, we segmented Once we had top notch ad creative, we used LinkedIn Matched Audiences to make sure that we show our ads to only people working at the target accounts.

At this stage, the ads shown are mostly for top-of-the-funnel (TOFU) content, to educate customers about the problem. After some time, we swapped this top-of-funnel ad for a middle-of-funnel ad showcasing a case study, along with a webinar and eBook download.

A glimpse at some of the segments we focused on with our LinkedIn Ads

Iterations of Google Search Ad copy for testing and optimization


We ran a lot of targeted social and display ads to attract those closer to the top of the funnel. But for those who were actively seeking out cybersecurity solutions, we strategized, wrote, and launched Google Search Ads. We utilized our massive database of Google Search data to optimize this copy, so that we were seeing conversions right away. We continued to optimize these over time, while retargeting with Google Display ads to keep ST Engineering top of mind as prospects moved through the buying cycle.


As more and more prospects began spending time on their site, we spent time analyzing the most common user flows through the site, and considering opportunities to improve user experience and optimize conversions.

We moved calls-to-actions around, adjusted the navigation, and began offering middle-of-funnel offers throughout some of their key pages.

User flow analysis within Google Analytics


ST Engineering’s cybersecurity division has quickly become one of their most profitable business units, seeing growth across their new markets in the US and Middle East. Their team is closing more deals, enjoying a 340% increase in deal to opportunity rate and a 360% increase in opportunity value since working with our team.

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